Your ultimate Smash roster pick

Imagine a reality where they announce one more addition to Smash Ultimate, and it’s the one you’ve always dreamed of.

Who is it?

For me, after everyone… it’s gotta be Leon.

What’s your pick?

Sailor Moon

She could easily have a great set of alts with the other scouts and her ultimate Smash could be her, Tuxedo Mask, and Chibi Moon together.

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My heart is with Ryo Hazuki but my pick is…

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Totally forgot about this as a legit character that could be added.

We might get a Resident Evil character but I figure it will be Jill or Chris.

One more addition

They confirmed more characters are in the works


Honestly though the character I think is actually getting in.

Makes way too much sense. Unrepresented Japanese publisher, Classic franchise, Fighting game character, has moveset potential (the uppercut teleport Izuna Drop is obvious), ect.