Xbox Gamepass on switch? Wut?





Doesn’t seem to make much sense unless you are using you’re Switch at home all the time. Game streaming isn’t gonna be viable over a cellular connection for a long time.

Also I really doubt MS can keep this service like it is now, they are really gonna have Halo Infinite launch on Game Pass and let Switch owners play it day and date with Xbox and PC???


It smells of a preemptive strike for next gen because of the bad press Sony gets for not doing crossplay so they dig into that foothold.

If Sony doesn’t come out with crossplay and backwards compatibility next cycle and Xbox does then it will be a bloodbath for the PS5.

Nintendo probably knows they’re being used as a weapon but don’t really care they do their own thing.


It has upside for Microsoft. Microsoft can go to a game maker and say hey join gamepass we can get users on everything but playstation.

What im confused about is what does nintendo exactly gain unless it is like major xbox games on switch and that nintendo is getting a cut of the subscription fees.


So another short-lived gimmick like Miiverse and gyroscopic movies for wii u? also still wish XBox was 3rd party or playable on PC


It could be awesome depends on what’s offered. Although you are paying $120 a year to stream Xbox games which may or may not include next gen games.

I’m also guessing its the play anywhere titles specifically. Depends on what’s being offered really.


And now there’s a new rumor.

And that new rumor is that the current rumor is false.

Umm… yeah…


I’m pretty sure everyone at Microsoft thought this was good to go and a done deal until they actually met with Nintendo and they laughed an said

“How dumb do you think we are??? you’re basically trying to start Netflix while we are still making DVDs”