Where are they now. X-Play Edition


Because I was bored and curious.

Rob Manual (Screaming Intern) did this for a bit, but now he works at Amazon for their video services.

Paul Bonanno (Sledge Ryder) is a director. His last video was about restaurants in Portland

Micheal Leffler (pretty much most of the characters) works at DC, but mostly a producer of a show called DC Kids.

Guy Branum (cupid) has a show on TruTV called Talk Show the Game Show. He also released a autobiography book last year.

Kevin Pereira has a show on TruTV also called Hack My Life. He also does podcast on his youtube channel.

Olivia Munn has been in a few big shows and movies these past few years. Her last movie was The Predator.

Eric Acasio (shirtless Eric) now works for Disney. He creates logos and promo materials.

Blair Butler (drunk writer) worked on The Talking Dead for a while and now she has written a few horror movies. Co-written Hell Fest, which came out last year. Polaroid which is coming out later this year.

Jonathan Solin (Patrick Stewart) is a comedian in LA. He also work in Howie Mandel’s Animals Doing Things.

Matt Keil (Resident Evil 4 merchant) is working at SIFTD Games. A youtube gaming channel.

Emily Mollenkopf (Princess Katpower) works at Pixar.

Jason Cheung (Johnny Xtreme) works at FOXSports

Blair Herter now works as a Executive Director at Midnight Oil Agency which is a marketing Business. They helped created the marketing for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and the second season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Tina Summerfield (Tina Wood) works for Inside Xbox.

Adam Sessler is co-founder of Spiketrap Inc which uses analytics for the gaming industry.

Morgan Webb works at Bonfire Studios whom is working on their first game.


Very interesting. Nice work!


I watch Hack My Life whenever i can, whenever Teen Titans G-I mean Impractical Jokers isn’t airing