What (cell) phone are you using?

Used to have a Tracfone flip phone until last summer. Then I inherited a smart Tracfone my mother didn’t need when she got her iPhone. Now I’m in search of a new phone. I promised my girlfriend that when I got a promotion to a Grade 18 at my department, I’d finally buy a legitimate phone. Well, Thursday I started the new job and my smart Tracfone is getting wonkier and less responsive by the day.

So… I’m wondering what you all have and recommend.

She has a Galaxy 7s. My brother has a Galaxy Note 2. Several relatives have iPhones of varying degrees. Most naturally assume I’m going to get an iPhone because I’m an Apple guy for computers, but I don’t stream anything through cloud accounts, so it really doesn’t mean much to have one or another.

My mother and several aunts are on a Verizon family plan, which I could buy into to lower the price all around. Or I could do something like my girlfriend, who uses Straight Talk through Walmart, and generally saves $30 or so a month over what my relatives pay for the family plan.


I have an iPhone 6s, had it since 2015. Got the battery replaced earlier this year as it was starting to drain quite quickly but otherwise I’ve had no problems with it. Good phone, still does everything I need without any trouble.

Got a Pixel 3 XL because the Pixel XL I was using got a crack in the screen and it started overheating a lot. I’ve been using it for everything including work because I’ve been working with UberEATS and just recently joined PostMates. It’s been helping me get by.

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My old Pixel while my Pixel 3 is being fixed. Getting a Pixel 4 on Black Friday. All of these are or will be the smaller 128 GB white models. I also had a black Pixel 2 XL back in the day, which was 128 GB as well.

Before that, my phones were: Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 5, and Nexus 5X.

I got a Galaxy S6.

Galaxy Note 8 here. the stylus kinda helps as a tablet for my computer whenever i feel like drawing something. also every Tuesday, T-mobile gives out coupons like $4 movie tickets, $2 off baskin robbins or something incentively useful. My bro and dad have iphone 8s. Great phones, but like everything apple it’s not universally compatible with everything like an SD card slot or even a headphone jack

iPhone 6s. I have a battery case so it last throughout the day. The thing about getting an iPhone is that you have a great network of support.

Like if your phone breaks and you need it serviced you can find an authorized tech at most Best Buy locations if you don’t live near an Apple store. Accessories have a broad range of prices, the battery case that gets me through the day was only $12, and you’ll always get the best selection of cases and screen protectors.

If you’re going Android, go Pixel. You don’t want to be waiting for security updates and features, and compared to iOS the two have ever-closer design languages (from the new gestures down to the emoji set.) It’s a highly polished experience.

They have great options at various prices unlocked, including $399 for Pixel 3a, $499 for last year’s Pixel 3, and $799 for the new Pixel 4. Plus this is the first year the Pixel is subsidized on all four major carriers, though since you’re Verizon you don’t have to worry (they’re the original Pixel launch partner for the first three years.)

Thanks all. Planning to pick something in the next few days.

Thanks all. I ended up getting an iPhone 7 Plus last week.

After speaking with several people in my familiy and around work, I discovered that only four people in the core group of those I asked did NOT own an iPhone. My brother has the Note 2, my girlfriend actually has the Galaxy 8s (and not 7s as previously thought) my supervisor before the last had a Galaxy as well and my first supervisor at my building had a flip Tracfone. However, my mother, 3 aunts, 2 cousins, my entire former ofice unit at work (including my previous supervisor), my current supervisor and supervisor two before her, as well as my new office’s secretary all have one iPhone version or another.

Most had the 7 or the 7 Plus. One said she had a 7 and loved it and then upgraded to the X and hates it and can’t beleive she spent $1000 on a needless “upgrade” when nothing was wrong with the original. shrug Almost all told me that I had to have an iPhone, being an Apple computer guy, and one who also is an Apple computer user said she hated Android and her previous Android phone never worked right. I told her my Tracfone used Android and that features stopped working every couple months, but I’m sure that has more to do with being a generic $40 Tracfone and not an Android product.

I got to check some of the iPhones out a bit and in the end, I figured, I might as well go for the 7 Plus. It’s probably a little bigger than what I would have wanted (feels like a tablet lite), but the regular 7 was way too small. So far it has been good.

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It makes me nervous :grimacing:

The second phone I ever had way back in college was a razr v3. Great flip phone.

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