Thread of Non-Video Games

Andrex suggested such a thread during the speedrun chat last week.

I figured this could be a thread of discussion and recommendations for newbies and anyone looking for something new to try in the world of physical card and board games. I have a number of games myself, and I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting games.

Modern card and board games have come a long way from the simple race and Monopoly-style games prevalent during our youth (at least some of us). The deck-building game craze exploded a few years ago when Dominion hit the scene, and now there are a million and one entries to the genre. Classic worker-placement and tile-placement games abound as well with as many themes and settings.

There are resources around for researching games; several shows on YouTube from what I can tell, but I’m a fan of Tabletop on the Geek and Sundry network.

A secondary purpose of the thread is to serve as an organization point if anyone’s interested in playing some games online. BoardGameArena seems to have a pretty interesting setup. The account is free, and there are a lot of games available (in both real-time and turn-based setups); a few I’ve played, a few more I’ve seen, and most I’m not familiar with, but they link plenty of rules and resources to halfway figure them out before you dive immediately in. If anyone wants to play whenever, I’m generally pretty willing to learn how to play and give something a go.

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Cards Against Humanity if you have tolerant assholes in your life.

I also semi recently bought Talisman and a few others in a humble bundle pack for steam. Never played the physical version but it’s not bad. Lots of DLC for it that I haven’t gotten because I’m not playing it that seriously at the moment anyways.

I remember being a kid/teenager and playing Pen and Paper adventure games with friends. I would say those games are better than any video game to date.

Also I love Wil Wheaton’s show Table Top, plus I’ve been watching some of the Youtubers that are heavy let’s players play Non-Video Games a lot recently on Itmejp’s channel.

Gonna try and save up for the Street Fighter Deck-building game.

I’m not sure if trading card games fit this thread, but I’ve played Panini’s DBZ, Yu-Gi-Oh, Cardfight!! Vanguard, Magic: The Gathering, and Future Card Buddyfight. All good games.

[quote=“Little_Goten”]Gonna try and save up for the Street Fighter Deck-building game.


Wait what? That sounds cool lol Where can I find info on that?

I still haven’t played a single game of Cards Against Humanity. I really want to though. I’ll probably have the opportunity to sometime in the future.


Wait what? That sounds cool lol Where can I find info on that?[/quote]

My local card store sells it, but you can find it on Amazon for like $30.

We started playing Munchkin on our lunch breaks at work; and by started, I mean we played it once. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cards Against Humanity is great though I’ve found that it is best played when you’re with a small group of people you know very well. I did a ‘big’ game once with like 10 people. It was alright but reading off all the cards got kinda boring since we had people with senses of humor that were polar opposites of each other.

I also like playing some custom games that people have made up. We went to a friend’s house where we played Drunk Jenga. There’s rules online that you can look up though basically you write set instructs on the bottom of each block like truth, dare, take a shot, etc… When you pull a block, you have to do whatever it says and most of the time it results in someone having to drink something. Then if you’re the one who knocks the tower over, you have to chug the rest of your drink before starting the next round.

There’s also “Sherlock” which requires you to have both Jenga and Clue. You place Prof. Plum on top of the tower and he takes on the role of Sherlock. Then you play clue - as normal with its standard rules - but there is a small twist. Whenever you go to make a guess or an assumption and you’re wrong, you have to pull a block out. The object is to solve the murder before the tower collapses and Sherlock goes tumbling ot the ground.

Actually, it didn’t occur to me to ask this until now. Has anyone here played Cribbage?

Once but it was with my grandparents. I thought it was boring I don’t know if it was the game or playing it with my grandparents or both but I never played it again after.

Well. I almost died today.

So I finally played Cards Against Humanity with my sisters and brother-in-law. We had one round where my younger sister was the card czar, and her black card was “The CIA now interrogates enemy agents by repeatedly subjecting them to _____.” I just happened to have one card that I thought would be funny, so I played “when you fart and a little comes out.” When she got to my card to read, she couldn’t read it because of how hard she was laughing. We all ended up laughing ourselves literally to tears, and I felt like I was gonna pass out. Of course, she picked my card, and I got a point. :stuck_out_tongue:

We also played Geek Out, Love Letter, and Coup, but those weren’t nearly as fun (or funny.)


I just wanted to say that I backed Trogdor! The Board Game. Not sure exactly when I’ll be getting it, but it’s gonna be fun.

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did you burninate all the countryside, peasants and THATCHED-ROOF COTTAGES by yourself?

Yup. I don’t think I have a step-mom to play kids with.