Thread for Mass Shooting Incidences

This could have just been like Parkland Florida:

I came home to here this:

Let’s keep all the shooting news in one place.

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Sad it is so rampant it requires a thread.


The gunman tried to access a church only for African Americans:

3 Police Officers shot:

Wow! It’s so sad we can’t go a day without some type of threat or tragedy.

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It was a gunman who did not like Jews.

It was a gunman who did not like Jewish people

Deadly bar shooting in South California. 13 dead including a police officer:

This one’s too close to me. So many gun control solutions, so little effort to enforce them. When i get shot, you’ll wonder where ive been for like 5 seconds, then you’ll move on after that :crying_cat_face:


It is. It happened a couple hundred miles away from where I live.

No parent should ever hear about this:

I believe I said this in the competitive/advanced gaming thread, but the eSports arena I’ve been frequenting has had a bag-check since the Madden shooting.

Now, it might sound reactionary, but it ends up making too much sense when you live in a county known for its shootings.

I’m honestly surprised that I haven’t been involved in one considering all that. Sometimes it feels like a shooter can just come out of nowhere and kill so many people at a moment’s notice.

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I dread the holiday season most years because a chance of a mall shooting increases an insane amount during that time.

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Another Mass Shooting. This one was in the south side of Chicago. Multiple people dead.

Somebody pulled a gun out at my university yesterday. Luckily, he was just trying to intimidate somebody, and he ended up turning himself in, but the whole campus was on lockdown.


Sorry to hear about that. It happens all the time at school’s & colleges.

I don’t know why people do that.

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