This is the realest Shenmue HD has ever been to releasing


Ps4 version or xb1? I heard the day 1 patch wasn’t available on the ps4 right away and the pc just got theirs.

I’ve encountered 2 bugs. After a while of opening capsule toys Ryo starts to hold invisible figures but when you continue forward it tells you the name of the toy and goes into your collection like normal.

I also had 1 scene in the “disc 2” portion of the game that triggers after leaving your dojo and speaking with Fuku-san and instead of seeing the cutscene, the camera just aims at the wall on the other side of the house, the wall to the right of the door when exiting your yard. It just sits there in 16:9 instead of playing the 4:3 scene.


PS4. It had an update on Day 1 but idk if it is the same patch you were referring to.

The Fuku-San thing did it to me too. Showed outside the Hazuki house. There are various audio issues too like missing sound effects on capsule toys opening and cans going down on vending machines.

But overall it is excellent and I am loving it. They are easy platinums too.


There is a cool free dynamic Shenmue theme on PS4 to download. Might be mine forever lol


Lol, i was jealous when I saw that dynamic theme. It’s really nice,.


New Shenmue 3 trailer dropped. Check it out. Major improvements since last time I think. Of course you’ll always have your ungrateful or ignorant c**** complain.


But for every ungrateful cunt there is also a pompus ass hat making outrageous claims full of denial and delusions of grandeur in order to convince themselves and others that nothing is wrong. You wouldn’t believe the nonsense being posted on the Facebook group.

I personally dont agree with the “art style” approach for the characters but the textures, lighting and environments are phenomenal…something I knew from the last trailer backnin August.


I just think some realism needs to be applied. It is a Kickstarter game on a shoe string budget, when Yu Suzuki basically had mountains of cash to make the others. The man is doing his best with what he has to work with, right?


Sounds great. I am getting more and more psyched every damn day.


Man, I haven’t been on that site since 2007. The idea of a snail racenis odd and interesting and would have been cool tonsee how it would turn out.