This is the realest Shenmue HD has ever been to releasing


Yeah we’ve all seen stores post preorders with fake dates, usually the last day of August or December and sometimes we take it as a grain of salt. It was a bit different because with Shenmue 1 and 2 it was a bit personal for some. A bunch of Twitter campaigns for part 3 and a rerelease for 1 and 2, the failed promise of an XBL Arcade version that was mentioned at an E3 that was announcing the few Dreamcast classics that were making their return along with being completely ignored by the parent company.

August 21st, 2018. I have both versions locked down and I feel like I might hit the jackpot on a gamenof Lucky Hit.


Makes me want to cry in happiness.

Survey’s have also been sent out for Shenmue 3 kickstarter rewards!!


Won’t be Day One, but it will be before Shenmue 3.


I think I backed the KS for $140 or something. Haven’t played any of the games though.


Talking about kickstarter, they started asking for a front and side profile pics for chibi figures!


I am seriously considering getting the proper equipment, taking a vacation week that week and actually stream for hours every day on Twitch lol Idk if it would draw an audience but it would be nice.


Definitely go for it man. You can even dip your toes in and use your consoles built in apps along with your headset before deciding to splurge on anything else.

On your PS4 you have Youtube and that’s great. I wish the xbox had that. On the xbox you have Mixer and you can simulate having a fancy setup because of the lightstream partnership. You can add, overlays, scenes, custom sounds for follows, host and so on. It really helps you build a place that is your own so you. Your theme could even easily be FotNS and your current punching gif could pop up, you could add a soundclip ofn watah wathah watah watah with a brief message that says /user name has hit the follow button with his Hundred Crack fist technique. Then you also have FTL, faster than light and this is the key feature for interactivity because it allows you to respond to chat faster and it allows your viewers to hear your reply instantly. Another cool featurenis co streaming, you can have up to 4 simulcast streams with any game but i personally find that annoying and prefer to only watch when all participants are in the same game for a deeper experience, 4 PoV’s and it’s great when a team is on point and gelling.

Most importantly though, regardless of which app you use, I highly recommend talking naturally even if you are the only one watching. Talk about what you’re doing in the game, what you think is going on, how things work, if it segues into a story then tell it. This way you have a steady dialogue going and it’s more welcoming for anyone just tuning in. That way you don’t have a scenario where you were quiet for 30 minutes and the randomly say something and catch them off guard. Oh and don’t call out lurkers, if you see a name in your viewer list just let them open up and say hi when they are ready.


I have never streamed anything ever. Do I need a capture card? Is it best to stream on Twitch or YouTube? And how important do you think it is to have a camera on my face?


More people are on Twitch but I find YouTube’s UI much nicer.

Capture cards are needed for all consoles except PS4 and Xbox One, I believe those have native streaming capabilities. With PC all you’d need is screen capture software.

Your face is only really needed if you intend to go pro. I don’t really bother and for streams here I like seeing the entire game screen – sometimes UI elements get covered.


Not at all, especially if you are just trying to experiment with your xbox or ps4.

Later on you can eventually move towards the capture card set up and this will also improve your overall quality too since I remember before the stream apps on console were only outputting at 720p but the native mixer app goes higher. You also have more quality control if you’re recording your feed thats being captured since that would make a better upload for youtube compared to just exporting from a stream site to youtube.

Hit me up if you ever want to test it out for a weekend test stream. I can hang out, let you know how the audio balance is and what not. Another thing I noticed on ps4 streams is that the chat is always visible taking up the entire right side of the feed. I know you can remove it but at the cost of losing your eyes on chat. I need to see if i can keep it on my tv but not have it show up on stream like on the xbox apps


I admit that I don’t talk enough on my streams, but I think I’m getting there.


Thanks, I might hit you up if I want to try it.

If I went on PS4 through Youtube, Would my voice go through a headset or would I need to plug in a mic?


I want to say any headset with a built in mic you use for online play and chat would work. Single ear blu tooth, double ear stereo headset or even a stream mic that plugs in via usb.


It takes a bit for anyone to become fully comfortable with speaking. Hell, I remember back in the day I would voluntarily take an F if it meant I didn’t have to read my reports out loud.

I used to practice streaming when I wasn’t even live and just playing on my own. For me my fear would always be “maybe this game isn’t interesting enough”. Sometimes you might build a following off of a particular style or genre where something is always going on then you might get into a more seriousnor slower paced game where there’s a lot of downtime in between the exciting part. ESO is where I learned to verbally think and analyze situations while running across the land looking for caves.

Streaming to me is always the easiest when the chat is actively asking questions.


Shenmue 3 is releasing Aug, 27, 2019!! And Shenmue HD is today for $29.99. Buy it!


This is an excellent article regarding the Shenmue 1 and 2 ports. Thank God they removed the stupid motion blur/bloom from the fights on 2.



The best part was the removal of the jaggies alonside everything once you started to move around. This is even something that would piss me off greatly on yakuza 3. Stand still, everything is crisp, walk arounds slowly and all the lines start doing the macarena.

People are acting ridiculous though. There are actually folks crying about the load times being too fast and how they want them to be longer just so they can look at the loading screens. … damn ass hats.


Wow lol I haven’t heard that


My game has been very glitchy last night. Just audio would play during cutscenes and show a landscape image. Said my save was corrupted once but was repaired. Hopefully when I continue today it is ok. It needs patched.