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May 15

15 years ago. X-Play reviewed this game:

2 games were previewed:


May 19

15 years ago. X-Play did an all racing episode with 2 games being reviewed:


Preview of this IndyCar game:


May 21 to 27

15 years ago. X-Play went to E3 2003.,24330,3430955,00.html,24330,3430811,00.html,24330,3430592,00.html,24330,3431750,00.html,24330,3429421,00.html,24330,3430320,00.html,24330,3431801,00.html


This is a great idea, so I did it. Please keep these posts in this thread from now on @kablamfan11, thank you!




15 years ago on May 28th. X-Play reviewed these games:

images%20(4) 4386-Ikaruga

X-Play previewed these 2 games:


15 years ago on June 2nd. X-Play reviewed these games:

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X-Play previewed this racer for the Xbox:


15 years ago on June 4th. X-Play reviewed these games:

download%20(14) 220px-GalacticCivilizationsBox

This game was previewed seen here:


15 years ago on June 9th. X-Play reviewed these games:

download%20(15) download%20(16) 220px-Rise_of_Nations_Coverart

Soul Calibur II was previewed seen here:


15 years ago on June 10th, X-Play reviewed these games:
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2 games were previewed:



15 years ago on June 12th. X-Play reviewed these games.

220px-AriaofSorrowCover SY445

2 games were previewed:



15 years ago on June 23rd. X-Play reviewed these games:

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2 games were previewed:



I was playing that Hulk game recently. I played it years ago on my original Xbox but it’s also compatible with 360.


Oh yeah. It’s a great game


15 years ago on June 24th. X-Play reviewed these games:

s-l225%20(1) 220px-Day_of_Defeat_Coverart

2 games were previewed:



Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was a great game.


it was


15 years ago on June 25th. X-Play reviewed these games:

This Capcom game was previewed:


15 years ago on June 30th. X-Play reviewed these games:


This PS2 game was previewed:


15 years ago on July 1st. X-Play reviewed these games:


This game was previewed: