The Wonderful 101: Remastered for Switch, Steam and PS4

$101 to get blocked by Kamiya, I can already see Chad rolling his eyes. :lol:

One fewer Wii U exclusive. Nintendo also did something with the Pikmin 3 site recently so that’s probably on the way too.

At this point all I really want are the Zelda HD remakes…

there just might be a PS4 version, its still being funded

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Could hit it in an hour at this rate, already passed the Steam goal since I opened the page.

Really confusing what Nintendo’s stance is on games they fund. Daemon x Machina got announced for Steam today and that ugly Bravely Default spin off game is also coming to Steam despite Nintendo funding it.

Hopefully this trend continues and they let Bayonetta free from her prison.

It’s IP vs. publishing rights. In an effort to attract third party devs I can see Nintendo being lenient on who owns the franchise in exchange for timed exclusivity.

I believe the Bayo IP is owned by Sega. They allow Nintendo to fund and publish the sequels (and re-publish/port the original.) That’s why no one thought Bayo 2 would ever happen – Sega was clearly completely uninterested in furthering the series, and in situations like that it pretty much ends with the publisher. Nintendo swooping in to fund a franchise they don’t even own is pretty unprecedented.

More baffling to me is Microsoft’s strategy of “yeah I guess even games that were developed by owned first party studios can get ported to competitors’ systems.”

PS4 confirmed.

They will let the first game go just like these. My guess is they have command over the sequels.

Kind of like how Bayonetta 2 and 3 aren’t on anything else, same with No More Heroes.

So Platinum opened a Kickstarter to buy the IP off of Nintendo?

I’m pretty sure Nintendo still owns the IP. Nintendo is letting them self publish the original game. No matter what happens its a win for Nintendo. Either it fails and they didn’t fund it or it succeeds and they have the sequels.

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Seems like even Platinum knows this kinda thing hasn’t been done before.

“Ah, but Minecraft is a special case,” said Inaba. “It was originally a third-party game that Microsoft bought. So it’s a different situation. The Wonderful 101 was originally paid for by Nintendo as a second-party game. There really isn’t an example of this I don’t think.”

Something must have changed at Nintendo. Just speculating but it may have been due to the new president?

I think the self publishing bit is important.

Nintendo lets them fund it and it wins for Nintendo whether it is successful or not. If its successful Nintendo owns the franchise if it fails Platinum paid for it.

Platinum is happy because they get to use a known property to launch their self publishing goals.

I never made time for the game so I’m interested in getting a second chance at bat.

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This is the video that turned me from “This looks pretty lame even coming from Platinum” to “I should play this game as soon as it’s convenient.”

Well I can tell you it is pretty cool. The boss battles can be pretty nuts.

as you predicted :open_mouth:

I still remember how long the game was. i kept thinking it’s over, but it didnt. even up to that Final unite form

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I wish I had as much enthusiasm for this as all of you,

but I played the game and didn’t care for it.

what’s tedious about Pikmin Fighters?

Can I get it without backing it? I thought about backing it but idk. I don’t have to decide yet.

Physical you mean? Hmm.

They really should put it out physical.