The State of Resident Evil

I am just curious of everyone’s thoughts on the direction of Resident Evil since RE7. There has been a clear direction of character redesigns starting with Chris “I’m” Redfield who remains the most bizarre change to me.

They did excellent with Leon, Claire, and the rest of RE2 remake and the Jill and Carlos RE3 leaks as well as Nemesis.

I am curious of your thoughts, please.

RE3 Leaks

I am actually a fan of Nemesis’ nose.

Gonna be honest. I tried giving the classic Resident Evils a chance, but it turns out I’m not really into this series. Guess I prefer Silent Hill and Eternal Darkness. I still like Resident Evil 4, but even that one isn’t a game I scream for.

I’ll probably have to play the remake of 2 sometime.

As someone that actually likes RE6 for what it is, I’m glad that Resident Evil returned to horror. Resident Evil 7 was a great game. I FUCKING LOVED the Resident Evil 2 remake and I’m excited for Resident Evil 3 remake.

I’m hoping that they will double down on the horror in Resident Evil 8. I would prefer if it was third person, but if it’s first person again I wouldn’t mind.

First person makes horror easy so I would bet a kidney on RE8 being in first person. It could let you switch maybe :man_shrugging:t2:

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it’s a ripe time for inevitable remakes. I have yet to touch 7 and anything after it, but it’s sad theyre being remade in the censorship/SJW/etc generation in which we are now living. No more Claire thiccfield or Jill Valentubetop.

Also RE6 felt so bland. it was very clear at that point that the series has lost its scare factor since they moved from undead guys to brainwashed/fungusized minions and felt more like an action-monster movie.

I think Ada and Claire in RE2:Remake were fine.


Yeah there is no chance RE8 is third person. I guarantee it will be first-person. Come back to this post and call me out if it isn’t lol

@StealthMaster86 Do you like the post-6 character designs compared to others?

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When they do character changes, and they’ve done that quite a bit, you can tell at least they have the template of the character and you tell who they are. The worst of it is RE7 Chris. That doesn’t look like Chris Redfield at all. Resident Evil Chris and Resident Evil 5 Chris may not look all the same, but they feel the same by the way they act.

The reason why the RE2 remake succeeds in their next iteration is that they still feel like Leon, Claire, Ada and Sherry. You can see them and say “Yep, that’s them” much like how I can say about Jill and Carlos.

Don’t forget, people wasn’t too hot about Claire or Leon the first time they saw the new versions in the first Resident Evil 2 trailer.

But as time went on, the developers continued to improve the game and people like it much more now.

Personally, I think they are perfect. They are not action heroes they turn into later in the series, but they aren’t helpless either.

I can’t wait to see what they do to Jill in the Resident Evil 3 Remake.

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I remember people worrying about Claire’s face because Capcom used a horrible shot of it for some reason the first couple seconds she was seen lol Idk what they were thinking it was indeed weird looking. Complaining about Leon is asinine though.

Anyway here is the RE3 trailer!!!

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I am fucking ready!

Looks good to me!

Also, look at this. You can see the blood vessels in her eye. Looking at what’s happening on current gen, next-gen is going to be insane.


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She looks kinda like Alice in that pic lol

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