The Last of Us - Info & Previews

Here’s the first in a series of developer diaries titled “Hush”.


It’s interesting to see the evolution of the infected. It kinda reminds me of a documentary where i saw a man who’s arms and feet had what looked like pieces of wood encrusted in his skin. It was disgusting.

I’m not going to talk about the details of the game cause i think everyone here is up to date. But, if you have any questions i’ll answer the best i can.

Going to keep updating the thread every now and then as more info releases. Game comes out June 14th.

Not surprised you did this here, but I don’t care. The game looks FUCKING awesome!

This is porn for Tai

Lol ALWAYS the Boisvert gif with you people.


That is the dude in the gif lol

And you used it in that context too ha ha

Always thought that was Steve-o from Jackass. lol Hey, learned something new!

Lmfao Thank God you exist

I even googled “steve-o gif” and that’s how i found it. See, i can’t be the only one. lol

Game looks interesting. I’m sure I’ll get it on the cheap some day down the line. So many PS2 games to play, so little time.

16 days away…

I just read that the newspaper Easter Egg in Uncharted 3 was a mistake lol

I can see why seeing how it can confuse people thinking that The Last of Us is in the same universe of Uncharted.

lol, I thought it was Steve-O too.

yesterday i read the tweet ND posted linking to the article about the accidental easter egg in UC3.

It’s all about how ND kept this game a big secret and managed not to have anything leaked. They planned on announcing it a month before UC3 released so they added the easter egg but then forgot to remove it when they pushed the announcement back.

They mentioned some of the forum post out there too where people were like…

“It cant be ND, they’re a 1 game studio”

“I bet they were just doing a favor for another Sony studio, it’s probably a Santa Monica game”

There was like 1 guy that thought it was a new ND game but everyone else argued that it wasnt.

I accidentally read something i shouldn’t have about the game. I watched an IGN video and felt like reading the comments and bam… there it was…

Don’t worry i won’t mention what it is. I feel pretty bummed about it and the thing is i knew not to do that.

Thankfully the real ending hasn’t leaked yet (got confirmation). So, i don’t know that part at least.

I totally relate to Tai’s enthusiasm for this game. I remember when they announced Metal Gear Solid 2. That was probably the most excited I had been for a game since Final Fantasy III/XI. I watched the first preview video for it, the shootout in the pantry, and it was the most awesome thing I had ever seen. The more I heard about it the more I loved it. Never got mad about the sudden switch to Raiden halfway through. I sat up all night and played it straight through when I got it. Watched almost every cutscene in its entirety. I did skip through some general chatter here and there. Loved every fucking second of it. Went to sleep. Got up. Started playing it again. And I don’t think The Last of Us will disappoint.

Demo out today for us GoWA owners :slight_smile:

Will post thoughts later…

Yeah still waiting to download. Thought about leaving the countdown up just to watch it tick down. Then I decided to play some Ascension online and watch some Teen Titans Go! lol

May turn it back on as the deadline approaches.

[quote=“InTheLab”]Demo out today for us GoWA owners :slight_smile:

Will post thoughts later…[/quote]

I would rent GoWA just for this.