The Game Awards 2019


No More Heroes 3 and Final Fantasy 7 in the pre show. WUT?

Xbox series X :open_mouth: Also looks like a PC lol.

Xbox XX
Xbox Xrd

Well its pretty clear they have good reveals.

Okay I got it.

Xbox Series X looks like three GameCubes taped together.


Godfall PS5 game.

So weird we are seeing these things before E3.

Bravely Default II :grinning:

Oh boy! My first Bravely Default game!

The great Ikumi graces us with her presence once again.




Xbox Series X is some Wii U levels of terrible naming. The design also seems to suggest these new consoles are gonna be running HOT. I’m worried.

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When I first saw it, I thought it was for PC. But nope, this is the next gen Xbox.

It probably means that playstation 5 dev kit with the V shaped vent is probably going to be part of the final design.

The Jazz Jackrabbit reboot is looking lit.

To be honest when I first saw it I thought that’s what they were going for.

Well disappointing no Smash guess we can expect a Nintendo direct in January.

I wasn’t really expecting it, really. Can’t predict Nintendo to do the same thing every year.

I figured they’d have something but I’m guessing they are saving it for the January direct.

We did get some good stuff at the game awards it just was more front loaded than I expected.

The good stuff

No More Heroes 3
Final Fantasy VII remake
Xbox Series X
Bravely Default II
Cyberpunk 2077

Hearing ANYTHING about Next-Gen stuff was very surprising to me.

Yeah it was pretty crazy Xbox put the box out there.

Also No more heroes 3 Galactic superhero rankings.

This is worse. You have Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X and Xbox Series X. Not that its impossible to distinguish but I think putting the X on it again was a bad idea.

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Actually, it was weird that Nintendo tweeted to watch the VGAs and that there would be reveals, but they themselves ended up showing absolutely nothing.

I guess it could have just been about awards and there was No more Heroes 3 and Bravely Default 2. Its just clear to me they are saving Smash, ect for their January direct.

The trailer is Metal As Fuck.

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I would be more excited about X Series if Microsoft didn’t drop the ball so hard this generation with games.

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I am going to mention Wolf Among Us 2 since nobody else did.

Gears Tactics looks cool too.

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