The end is nigh...

Youtube ‘Classic’ is going away on March 31st and my desktop’s Firefox will no longer be supported by Youtube.

That’s right. I’m still working off of Mac OS Lion from when I got my iMac in summer 2011 and it is still running just as smooth as the day I bought it… except browsers.

Double Whammy, so who knows if I’ll be able to access my Video Manager content or even Youtube in general on my desktop come Tuesday.

Therefore… I am hoping to upload a couple things before then. What with the coronavirus “stay home” quarantines going on, a lot of folks are likely going to be in-doors looking for content.

Does anyone have any special requests? Good chance I don’t have it and may never get a chance to get to it, but I figured I would ask.

Don’t go nuts. You know who you are.


chrome aint so bad

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Well guess there goes my Wii U access.

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Nothing comes to mind. Very thankful for everything you’ve uploaded.


Chrome stopped supporting 10.7.X back in 2015.

Does the Wii U use the “Classic” scheme on Youtube?

All good. I currently have content through the end of May set to go. Not just X-Play. Will upload as much as I can through tomorrow night in advance as a precaution.

Hope for he best. Prepare for the worst.

If anyone is looking for anything, let me know.

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Don’t know but it is giving me outdated browser warnings.

I tried to upload the first episode of X-Play twice. Once as a stand alone episode, once as a marathon. Both times I got a worldwide blocker on behalf of Comcast at exactly the same spot, even though they were two completely different airings.

Oh well.

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I think I’m done.

I have enough content for 6 uploads a week through July 11th, or the next 15 weeks.

One day has 2 uploads scheduled. One week has all 7 days.

Assuming I have the schedules worked out right. I did a lot of switching around stuff as I was able to get more content uploaded.

I have no idea if or how much access I’ll have tomorrow, so… it is what it is.