Television ✪ What are you watching?

Finally watched the last season of Veep.

Veep Season 7 took everything great about the show and trimmed the fat and then cranked it up to 11. Easily the best season.

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New season of Power and Outlander out on video this month :stuck_out_tongue:

CW Batwoman trailer dropped. It’s trash it looks like.

Still better than last season of Flash.

I didn’t mind her on the latest crossover. But haven’t seen the trailer yet.

Lol, i opened up youtube and every recommend video is about Batwoman woke trailer and other sjw bs. I didn’t bother watching since its the same usual suspect always up at arms over every game or tv comic show. I’ll just wait for the episodes to air. If it sucks, I’ll move on.


I wasn’t expecting this, I never finished Season 2 so I’m not sure but it looks like a total disconnect from the other seasons. :thinking:


It makes sense if you finished Season 2.

Dolores is out of the Park and looks like she’s making new robots for her revolution.

That is a safe assumption lol

Jessica Jones ends on June 14th.

Just finished season 5 of the flash. It is easily my favorite season since the first.

Zoom didnt have the emotional motivation to be interesting. Everyone spent season three hating each other and themselves. Then season four well, I dont think the writers are smart enough to write a villain with super intelligence.

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Hmm. I think I give the edge to s2 over s5 just because it was so new still and they were coasting off the success of s1, plus doing a bunch of cool comic homages people weren’t really expecting, plus it officially introduced the multiverse to the Arrowverse.

s1 > s2 > s5 >>> s4 >= s3

But s5 was good too. Not perfect, and easily the worst recurring antagonist(s) in the series (at least the relationship between Devoe and his wife was interesting), but it stuck the landing and the finale resonated in ways we haven’t seen in years. Nora dying was only sort of a legit shock, but the writing and how they got there really gripped me.

The tease for Crisis was absolutely perfect too. I fucking love when shows lay plans that the showrunners don’t even know if they can pay off in the future, but then they finally do.

Like the First Evil on Buffy. Introduced in a one-off s3 episode, only to be s7’s and in fact the show’s overall big bad (by brilliantly bringing back every villain in s7 ep1…) But I could gush about Buffy all day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Idk how you guys know wtf which season is which, they all blend together to me lol



s1 is pretty memorable on its own. Sublime, amazing, does justice to the character and comics, had many great moments of both drama and humor, and the character work is the strongest it ever was. Iris and the typical origin story + CW shenanigans are pretty much the only thing holding it back.

s2 I remember cause I hated the Zoom/Jay Garrick twist back in the day but it had that amazing Grodd episode and the multiverse stuff, and I think a lot of the quality “spilled over” from s1, although it was diminished since Zoom was set up as a faster Reverse Flash but with none of the personal beef with Barry that made s1 so interesting.

s3 I had to think about a little bit, it was Savatar and Dr. Alchemy and Flashpoint. Man did they butcher Flashpoint. Savatar was lame and his reveal was lame, and the fact they teased the reveal 4-5 times was even more lame. Way too dour of a season too. Actually this may be the worst one easily. :lol: I do still like the whole “I am the future Flash” conversation though. And it was cool to see Malfoy get work.

s4 I remember being a deliberate course correction after the dark/depressing s3, with a lot of humor and the (rocky) introduction of Ralph (who has since gone on to be a great char, thanks to s5.) Amazing crossover ep (Crisis on Earth-X) too. Devoe and his wife were a good pair, but his schemes were never as interesting as they should have been (except for framing Barry, which honestly should have had way more repercussions than it ended up having…)

s5 being the latest is easier to remember. Cicada 1 was a walking joke I don’t know how they expected anyone to take seriously, Cicada 2 was slightly more interesting but still too single-minded. Still, I enjoyed the season-long structure of them having to basically stop a freedom fighter/terrorist, and also isn’t a speedster. Nora was a huge bright spot, but her plot and the Reverse Flash should have been the A plot of the season, not the B plot.

s1 > s2 > s5 > s4 > s3

Final answer.

I basically base it on the villain of the season and work backwards from there. :lol:

I’ve been watching that Designated Driver show. I really like it so far.

Rewatching Westworld before season 3 I love Thandie Newton so much! Her acting is amazing probably the best part of the show her and Wyatt.

Yup and Maeve is the best character. Honestly s2 felt like a course correction from focusing on only Delores to them sharing the spotlight, and I would bet s3 continues that.

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Deadwood baby, Deadwood. Movie is happening right now but I am DVR’ing it.

Anyone else watching Chernobyl?

It’s really well done.

It’s refreshing to see such a devastating horror brought to the screen that isn’t politically motivated or petty or what have you. It’s close to when other horrors are done well like Zombies. It’s an unrelenting death machine that’s a manifestation of all humanities hubris and weakness.

Compounded that this is based on true events etc… the terror gets a whole new dimension.

If you’re not caught up the last episode is Monday, only 5 episodes as it’s a mini series so easy to binge.