Television ✪ What are you watching?

Snap, had no idea on my block season 2 was up. I’ll have to watch that soon.

It’s really good some real tear jerker episodes. Abuela is still hilarious. Most of the adults are actually really great this season. I blew through it too fast I regret nothing and everything!

I did the same with season 1. The only problem was that there were no more episodes to watch.

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I really hate the intro to Fear The Walking Dead season 4.

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Not down with this. Impossible task.

Better Call Saul isn’t coming back until 2020.

Bad, man.


I was wondering how they would do both Better Call Saul and that Breaking Bad movie.

Vince Gillian has taken mostly a back seat to Peter Gould running Better Call Saul. The last episode he had a writing credit on was season 3’s premiere, which was co-written by Peter Gould. The series only gets 10 episodes a season and they had a 13.5-month gap between season 3’s finale and season 4’s start. Now we’re getting another gap of at least 15 months minimum between the end of one season and the beginning of another?

Could they at least kick in a few more episodes? Breaking Bad’s final season was split over two years, but at least they had 16 episodes coming off of 13 episode stints the previous three seasons.


I have to post this here, because I already have the last three posts in the other thread…

I am sad to see Gotham go. I think this is the first show I’ve ever watched that was canceled but also given a chance to wrap up properly and it has honestly made the show better and it’s on the track to ending on a high note for me.

Jaime Murray wins :heart_eyes:

Took me back to fhe days of Defiance lol.


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Im hyped for tonight. I was so mad the last time Agents of Shield returned because 2 or 3 weeks elapsed before I knew it was even back. I guess that’s what happens when the other shows I watched were canceled and no longer tuned in to see the commercials.

It returns tomorrow, but yeah, I’m hyped as well.

The only thing that sucks is that because they didn’t know when the show was going to come back, they had to ignore Endgame. This will be the first time events from an Avengers movie won’t be mention. If they knew that they were going to get a season 6 and was going to air it after Endgame, The Snap and the events of Endgame would have been part of the plot.

But since Multiverse is apparently a thing now, they can play on that instead. Spider-Man: Far From Home will arrive just as Season 6 is winding down.


I just realized it isnt friday! My bedroom has been getting some remodeling done and ive been radomly napping on a couch thenlast few nights.

Thats a good point about the tie in. I wonder if they will decide to touch upon Infinity Wars again because of the uncertainty of their return. I might watch the last few episodes today from when they returned to present time since I believe they were hinting at Thanos near the end but im a bit foggy.

Been watching Gentleman Jack and highly enjoying it actually lol

I just saw lucifer netflix season is up. I need to watch it soon. I saw only 10 episodes so i need to figure out if they are doing a split release or if that’s the complete season.