Television ✪ What are you watching?


Would you watch? Market saturated?

I haven’t kept up with the show or comic but this kind of struck me as odd. Maybe it’s still super popular and I’m just not participating?


They need to fix their current shows first.


This season of The Walking Dead has been better than the last 2 or 3 now that they moved it away from some dumb shooting frenzy each week.


This. I agree, this season has actually pleasantly surprised me so far. Daryl is actually a great lead.


Is this an actual series or the new series of movies featuring Rick Grimes they mentioned before?

I feel like instead of tripling down on TWD they should officially end one and then start on the next one/era.


Not sure but I was hoping FEAR TWD would have remained nautical. That was a cool angle that was only one season.


Fear TWD had so much potential in season one to show the actual collapse of civilization but nope


Agents of SHIELD Season 6 airs in May :smiley:


I don’t know why but I decided to watch Good Girls a few days ago and now I’m about 7 episodes in lol.


News just hit that Luke Perry passed away from a stroke. :frowning:


Yeah that’s fucking CRAZY. RIP. I wonder what Riverdale will do.



I still need to start that show. Never saw a second of it yet.


It’s really good.


Ken, would you be willing to let me retitle the thread to the following?

Television ✪ What are you watching?


Sure :cool:


Hey Ken, have you ever picked up Starz?
I havent been watching starz much in 2 years except for whenever Power returns but about 4 weeks ago I started watching a shiw called American Gods and thennthe following week season 2 debuted. It’s pretty interesting and fir some strange reason I get this vibe of Da Vinci’s Demons when I watch it. Not the full on effect but little spurts here and there. The opening scene also gave me a vibe from DaVinci season 2 where they came to the Americas and all that mystical ritual stuff was going on.


No I never did but I buy Outlander and Power on video every year lol I have heard things about American Gods but after how tumultuous the development was in between season 1 and 2, I’m nervous to try it. They went through showrunners and lost actors. Let me know if it maintains.

I loved DaVinci but season 3 was dropped in quality and rushed I thought lol Don’t blame it too much though, they tried to wrap it up and knew they were done.


I only noticed 1 so far, maybe 2 ca st members that are gone. Gillian Aderson was Old Media in season 1 and now its some Harajuku girl dubbed as New Media.

I saw a trailer for some Witch show. Looks like witches and vampires are in the mix and the guy who played Zoroaster in DaVinci’s Demons is in it.


Been watching the following:
Love Death Robots
On My Block season 2
The Order
Sex Education
Umbrella Academy
Shadowhunters (Current waiting for new episodes)
SVU (Current waiting for new episodes)
The Conners
Game of Thrones all the way through again.
Fear The Walking Dead season 4