Television ✪ What are you watching?


Riverdale has fallen apart and is utter shit imo


What happened? Feel free to use spoilers (and the spoiler tag of course.)


Idk where to begin. Just cringe after cringe of absurdity. If I can think of a way to properly put it in words, I will.

Anyone else feel this way or is it just me?


I haven’t even seen season 3 just don’t feel like it after the whole Black Hood BS which was so draining and drawn out last season. People I know that have watched season 3 say it really doesn’t make any sense.


Slight spoilers:

It has a whole Dungeons and Dragons thing called Griffins and Gargoyles or some shit and there is a real life gargoyle king. Archie is in a prison fight club for a while. Veronica opens a speakeasy while her dad runs the town. Just absolutely absurd and preposterous for high school kids.

Can’t even suspend my disbelief anymore. Vampire Diaries and now Legacies is more believable than this stupid shit.


Doesn’t shock me considering the ratings went down for season 2 and Marvel probably wants to put a bullet in the head of anything X-Men related (so long The Gifted). That said, Season 1 was great. Season 2 was slow enough that I stopped a few episodes in. Maybe the last season will be an upswing.


Why? They got FOX didn’t they? They are actually attempting to bring them back to greatness in the comics starting with bringing Cyclops and Wolverine back to team up.

They did suppress the X-Men but now they learned the error of their ways hopefully. Regardless, it is disgusting when business practices work against the characters.


They probably want to clean slate any Fox owned Marvel content. I hope they do some great shows with X-men when the streaming platform comes out but I wouldn’t look for anything until year 2 or 3 of Disney+ because they will want to spin Fox characters into the movies first before any small screen adaptations happen.


That fucking Disney+ bullshit. Forgot about that. Ugh. Spread the love and quit making your own shit you greedy prick companies!


Mega companies are like the brats on the playground that never share their cool toys.


Lol I was in a huge bad mood making that post but my point still stands.


I’m intrigued.


I don’t know what’s going on but seems cool.


Apparently it is an anthology done by several different worldwide creators.


Netflix went ahead and done what we all expected it to do. The Punisher and Jessica Jones is cancelled. Jessica Jones Season 3 is still coming later this year.


I’m thinking why cancel Jessica S3 now and instead of later but since it’s inevitable i think they figured best to do it now than to make fans wait for the cancellation.


I am actually enjoying Project Blue Book on The History Channel.


I put my hatred of My Chemical Romance aside and watched an episode of Umbrella Society last week and the first 2 episodes had me hooked. It has a much bettter pacing than half of the marvel shows and it has a bit of a watchmen vibe to it too. As much as I will miss Luke Cage and Daredevil, I feel like this is a great replacement to fill that role. My only gripe is that it tries way too hard to do that musicy thing, sure the various styles fit the scenes perfectly but it’s overdone. Another thing I hate is

(Power/Ability warning)

It involves time travel and potentially the worst kinds. I’m afraid it will end up like a movie or tv series I watched a while ago that involved time jumping. I liked it and I was fully invested in the characters and their journeys until the end of the movie undid everything we just experienced during the last 2 to 10 hours and it made the entire movie or show pointless and irrelevant. It put me off so much that I can’t even remember what the hell it was.


I like MCR aside from the Killjoys album, it was shit. Their first before they got big was great.


I liked the first 2 albums a lot and three cheers is probably my favorite collection of theirs but everything after that annoyed me more and more and I gave up after Black Parade.