Television ✪ What are you watching?


Holy shit it’s Ryan :shocked:


Hi. Sorry, I kind of lost track of this place after the two format switches. But I’m back now.


Yeah I take responsibility for that. I’m pretty happy with our current setup though (and will be for a whiiiiiile.)


Anyone watching Vikings? Major death last night… But damn good episode. Great season so far.


Hey it’s 2019 y’all got any news on that next Buffyverse show yet


Has anyone been able to watch Titans on Netflix? Apparently it’s been there for 2 days but I couldn’t get a result. Even the official netflix titans page came up as an error.


It’s over seas only not US.


Gotta sub to DCU yo.

I got a year sub + 3 months extra. :smiley:




Damn lol. See, I knew it was part of the DCU streaming that’s why it was a huge shocker when a friend was telling me a few days ago it was coming to Netflix lol. I figured it was a new deal.


It will when DCU fails lol Keep splitting the market and how is everybody supposed to pay all that? CBS all access is insane, Disney streaming service is insane, when does it stop?

Are we going to be paying $80 a year for each service? How is that feasible? Something has to give and that’s all of those failing basically so it goes out to the wild. I can’t wrap my head around all of these services, who can pay for that?

It would make sense to me if you would pay one flat rate and choose a certain amount of services. It makes cable seem the future again…


Yeah it does get a bit crazy eventually. First it started withnthe premium channels getting their own apps and that was a small branch off but then it got nuts when local broadcasting networks began doing it and now everyone and their mamma has their own service. Freaking YouTube even has one.

It will suck if this becomes the norm with videogames.


NBCUniversal just announced one.


It sucks when they start gimping the ondemand features because of this. FOX / FX does it a lot. Some shows only appear after the next weeks episode air and then sometimes they only have the 2 recent episodes and the others from the same season cost 2.99 per episode.


DCU makes the most sense, if they smooth the content out…

Imagine all DC comics (except the latest 6 months or whatever, like Marvel Unlimited) + all DC movies + all DC TV shows (including Arrowverse simulcast) + exclusive shows like YJ and Titans? That’s the most compelling service IMO, even including Disney.

But I’m a fanboy lol.


Honestly Netflix doesn’t need licensed content anymore they have 600billion shows they make for themselves now.

Companies like NBC and CBS don’t hold bargaining chips that are as strong to use against Netflix when it’s time to renew contracts. Besides where are they going to go if Netflix says “nah we’re good” Hulu is basically Disney’s now and Amazon is just as big of a juggernaut to negotiate with.

They probably look at it as a way to flood the market to drive some people back to cable. “I’m paying for all these services I might as well have cable” that’s what they want.

“Might as well make our own thing and if people come they come and if not and people happen to comeback to cable even better.”


Then why aren’t we talking about young justice outsiders?


Is anyone watching True Detective? This season is looking great, season 1-esque.


Lost in Space - Watched til Epi. 4 - More intrigued by a so called “dr. Smith” than anything else but the visuals are stunning.

Black Lightning - Watched til Epi. 5 - The super hero stuff is not grabbing me so much but the conflict of being Black Lightning and it’s affect on his family and surrounding I think is more interesting.

The Punisher - Just saw season 2 epi. 1 and it was definitely a strong start. I was digging Jigsaw’s mask until I saw the scars underneath left from last season made him look like he scraped his face with legos. What Frank did to him last season is nowhere representative of those cuts on his face. In the comics and in Warzone (the movie) he looks fucked up and almost like a jigsaw puzzle.

Again, strong start and i’ll probably get over Jigsaw’s face here but wished they hadn’t played it so safe.


Finished The Punisher Season 2 and really enjoyed it. I do agree with Taizuke that the face should be more fucked up, but they make up for it of how insane he gets.