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So does Alec Baldwin lose his show or get an order for 13 more episodes?

Ball is in your court, ABC. :stuck_out_tongue:


Season 6 won’t air until Summer of 2019, but Season 7 is already picked up.



Thats what im talking about! I got scared reading the top line while in this thread thinking itbwas a canceled notice.


Frankly I am kind of sick of it… idk if I will even watch it anymore hides in shame


Have you watched the final of Apocalypse?


Yeah, it was alright. Ending was kinda stupid and I thought the same ending from season 1 was stupid years ago too LOL


Yeah, I guess we found out why those 2 kids were on the list then. I feel that it was kind of an all over the place season especially the last 2 or 3 episodes of him moping around after the burning.

The season 1 ending, you mean where the 3 of them get together and scare the new family away in order to save them? I found it odd because I saw the murder house episode first and they weren’t talking for a while so I figured the final episode of season 1 would have explained why…, unless its because of the corner fapping lol!


No I mean when toddler michael killed the maid. Same exact thing the mixed race couple’s baby did at the end of this season lol Was stupid to me way then and even now that it happened again.


Nothing matters this season. This season should have been called American Horror Story: Flashback. Definitely the weakest season.

Good reference to Hal 9000 with Ms Mead though.


lol It probably was. Pretty damn stupid. Most of the seasons start out good and fall off the rails. This season did pretty quickly. Stupid it spent several episodes filling us in on several unimportant things. I thought there would only be one or two episodes to explain how the witches came and revived the ones in the bunker.


I wanted more of what happened to the outside world. So many loose ends that went nowhere.

Snow’s shade throws where on point though. Sad she’s technically never resurrected.


Ahh yeah that part. I tought i saw that during the murder house episode since i saw that and season 1 in a span of 3 days it was all jumbled in.

The constant focus shift was a bit annoying because of the episode limitations. Last week I was caught off guard whennthe previews said the upcoming episode would be the finale because we already knew it was going to be a quick wrap up from the point the revived the witches. They pretty much pulled a smallville on us and dealt with an OP villain in mere seconds.

I feel like all the extra Michael scenes after the warlock school did his character more harm too since he was pretty badass and mysterious when he debuted, still had that shroud of mystery too when passing the trials but then everything after that made pre apocalypse Michael look like a pipsqueak crybaby bitch.


I don’t understand why the producers of Walking Dead think killing fan favorites will help their failing ratings…


The show has fallen off a cliff, rolled down a hill and now floating in a river of shit face down. Some of the cast are probably hoping to get killed.


It’s a lot like how the producers of Twin Peaks thought solving Laura Palmer’s murder would help the falling ratings. It’ll pump 'em up for literally one episode, but then you’re fucked.


That made me think of this:


I wonder what they would have done with the story if they didn’t solve it.


David Lynch and Mark Frost didn’t want to solve the Murder of Laura Palmer, that was ABC. After that, and ABC changing the time all the time, led the series to lose ratings.


I understand that but I wonder what they would have done if ABC didn’t intervene.


Yeah man, they murdered everyone on both series. It was a shocker when Cliff Curtis died on Fear but that’s when I realized anything could happen on Fear…but this year has not been good for cast members on either show