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Witch version of Sarah Paulson looked fine too lol

@Son_ALA I think this season is flat out a sequel to each season, especially Murder House and Coven. They are indeed the Coven witches.


That makes sense. I was thinking about Coven too but Iwas just uncertain. I spent the whole time waiting for Emma Roberts to show up lol.


Langdon is supposedly the demon baby at the end of Murder House I heard lol



I wonder if that connects to the name of the next episode. I may watch those 2 seasons afterwards.


I still think season 1 is easily the best. Traditional horror stuff.


Didn’t they just get rid of the other guy and Gotham almost got canned (saved in the 11th hour with a shortened final season) to appease Damon, like, a week ago?


Idk what Gotham has to do with Wayans but yeah the other guy apparently was a pain in the ass. I guess replacing him didn’t help.


In anticipation of the Fox/Disney merger, Fox decided to gut all of the shows that were not produced in-house at Fox and devote time to live sports programming like the NFL and WWE. Because of the increased premiums involved with paying other studios, they cancelled every show produced by other companies (Brooklyn 99, Lucifer, etc).

It came down to Fox having one extra 1-hour spot to fill and this was just after the Waynes/Crawford issues arose. So Fox decided they would only pick up one show produced outside of Fox and it came down to Lethal Weapon and Gotham, as they were the highest rated shows outside of Fox, with LW being their main choice.

The edict to Warner Bros was that they would keep Lethal Weapon if, and only if, they resolved the co-star issue and found a new actor to replace Crawford. If that happened, they would drop Gotham. However, if the producers couldn’t resolve the issue and hire a replacement in time, they would pick up Gotham instead and cancel Lethal Weapon.

The producers of Lethal Weapon hired Seann William Scott like a day before the final decision and Fox was just about to drop Gotham, but announced on the last day that they would pick it up to burn off the series at a reduced episode count for a final season.

So, Gotham went from a 22 episode season to somewhere between 10-16 episodes and it was announced that it would be the final season. Had Lethal Weapon not been picked up, Gotham would have received the full season order and Fox would be more inclined to take their chances at picking it up for another season as, once the deal goes go through NONE of the current Fox shows will be owned by them and they’d still have to pay a premium to Disney for anything they keep. So it would have cost the same to continue Gotham as long as they would want it.

Instead, the producers of Gotham were told it would be the final season and were writing it to end the series.

But who knows… maybe Netflix or that WB streaming service will pick it up for more content. Netflix already has an exclusive streaming contract for the series.


Riggs actor was labeled as an emotional terrorist by someone but it was also rumored the Damon didn’t want to do the show anymore by season 2. Maybe he wanted thw show to get canned and was upset it didn’t.

Sucks either way since I liked the show with and without Riggs. It’s gonna be odd to have lethal weapon without eiter of the 2 main characters but im sure it will still be decent.


That assumes they don’t just cancel it. If Damon is only contracted for 13 episodes, I can’t imagine everyone else is contracted for any more. And by the time 13 episodes run their course, perfect time to slide in those Gotham episodes.

Besides… once the WWE takes over Friday nights, Fox is going to need to find 2 hours to fill with Last Man Standing, The Cool Kids (Which, apparently, did really well) and Hell’s Kitchen. And Hell’s Kitchen is super cheap to produce.


Yeah I’d wager it is 100% cancelled. Absolutely no chance to come back. If so they need to just have them both recast and soft reboot it.

I tried that new Magnum P.I. and it was OK. Funny how CBS redoes tons of shows, Hawaii Five 0, MacGyver and now Magnum.


Plus they have Murphy Brown on again


I haven’t really headed out about the good place here, but I forking love that show. Anyway, season 2 is on netflix.


Murphy’s become rather preachy.




:cry: that’s sad.


The Good Place is incredible. Season 3 just started.


RIP. Bums me out. He was great.


Witcher females cast