Television ✪ What are you watching?



I see what you’re saying and I don’t wholly disagree.

However, this is a sign that typically means diversity means BAME or Female / Transgender etc…

The Witcher novels are written by a Polish person, pulling from the lore that is already established. CD Projekt Red is a Polish company paying homage to it by way of a game franchise that caught fire largely unexpectedly.

I’m of the mindset, if you want to make it a more diverse production. Hire more Slavic people for the roles. It’s rare for a Eastern European country to have lore enter the pop culture arena.

If this were reversed, it would likely be heralded as cultural appropriation. There’s a denial that “white” races have any culture of their own to draw upon. It sends the message that in essence, what’s mine is mine and what’s your’s is mine.

Black Panther can be black and lauded as a triumph. Witcher 3 better have people of color too or there will be hell to pay. Same thing happened to Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

There’s a pattern here and it’s troubling. Just as troubling in my opinion when people of color have their creativity or art suppressed or stolen. I’m not sure two wrongs make a right.


The Purge TV series has been pretty enjoyable, at least to me.


AHS Apocalypse feels like someone mixed the DNA of Fallout, The Hunger Games and Penny Dreadful together and got a very campy over dramatic baby.


LOL I just watched that.


I had no idea The Purge had a series, is it on a network or a streaming exclusive?

…Also, POWER! oh man. I’ll wait until you get the Blu Ray!


The Purge is on USA.


The little bit I caught at my mom’s it seems to be a pretty decent show.


Awww my gawd… :unamused:


Lame! It’s so boring now most of the actors are too good for that show and need to move on before it damages their image.


They even managed to make Fear TWD horrendous and it used to be somewhat watchable. I pretty much just like Morgan, John Dory and Strand. Alicia is OK.

But yeah that Purge is pretty entertaining.


Better Call Saul did their first official time jump montage this week. And two weeks ago was the first time a scene occurred concurrent to Breaking Bad.


It was a fantastic montage become somber when it ended.


AHS is too real this season. I watched the premiere high and had a legit panic attack lol.

Nukes have been giving me nightmares since my early teenage years.


LOL yeah that shit is scary as fuck. Imagine being in Hawaii during that false alarm recently.


I wasn’t sure what I was watching but I was very drawn into the show at the start during all the scenes before the nukes went off. I only realized it was AHS during the first commercial break. I started losing interest once they were in the bunker but the next episode was enough to pull me back.


The Good Place had its third season premiere last night and it’s still incredible.


Horror Story got interesting and I love The Purge show, it goes too fast when I watch it lol


Oh yeah, the last episode of horror story was good. I know that each season likes to bring back the cast to take on new roles and that the stories are possibly not related but was the ending supposed to be a call back to something before or just a cliffhanger to make us wonder even more about her unknown past?

Purge is good, i got into that one immediately. They did trick me, i thought the first scared girl was “the one” he was after haha.


My witches are back!!!