Television ✪ What are you watching?


The Good Place Season 2 is now on Netflix.


Mr. Robot’s next season will be its last. I am totally fine with that.




Hmm hopefully they end it with a major event.


The Purge TV series starts tonight. I am going to try.


Better Call Saul was great last night. But did they just retcon history… future history… ?



Can we acknowledge that Henry Cavil has been cast as Geralt of Rivia? I am acknowledging it and still processing it.


I’m trying to process it too, Geralt seems more gruff and older than Cavil. Like I would have rather had someone on the level of George Clooney or Clive Owen


Agreed. Henry is too young and handsome lol But when we see him in costume hopefully he will sway me in the way Gal Gadot has.


Netflix picked up Designated Survivor which was kind of them. I know people who will be happy about that.


I must be crazy. I thought this was announced in May.


It was cancelled in May. Netflix just recently got it.


Henry has the hairline of a 50 year old so maybe it’ll work still.


:joy: burn!


Ciri to be cast as a Black or Asian person.


… but she isn’t black or asian LOL

If you want a perfect adaptation (like I am sure most fans want), yes that taints it a bit. At least give her white/silver hair… PLEASE! (Kat Graham with white hair would be sexy as hell)


Just remember Henry Cavil on The Tudors and know everything will be ok.


So much for staying with the source material. As a person of Polish heritage I think it’s lame as hell.


I know this has been spoken on greatly by several of us but I will just say…

I understand we aren’t supposed to see color but when it is something specific like that it is just weird continuity-wise. I’ll try to explain what I mean.

What I mean by specific is there is only one Ciri. James Bond, however, there are tons of and it is very broad in the first place so they can make eem green if they want.

I’d enjoy a black or Asian (or blaisian) Batman as long as he isn’t Bruce Wayne because Bruce is white with blue eyes lol Sorry, he just is, that’s how he was born by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.

The Witcher series as a whole doesn’t have any minorities really in terms of color, but the show could add some great original characters who are.

I am not trying to come off in a negative light, but I think some times are more appropriate than others and basically never appropriate when trying to do a authentic adaptation (of which The Witcher seems to not want to do now) when depicting actual established characters.

But whatever…if Henry didn’t kill the show for me, this certainly won’t. This has to do with me more than anything being super anal about continuity, the race isn’t the issue here. There is a reason things are how they are and reason for why characters are popular. It is why I get so mad at comics for adhering to movie stuff.

It is OK for Arthur Curry to have short hair in the comics, it’s OK for Captain America tomhave his ear wings, doesn’t need a stupid helmet in the comics. Those dumb movies wouldn’t even exist without the source material so PAY RESPECT!!!



Sign me the FUCK up!