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Why shouldn’t he be angsty, though? He’s the goddamned Batman after all.

The line was put in there to be “edgy” and add shock value and, quite honestly, it’s pretty much the defining moment of the “character” they wish to show, so if people think it is hilariously bad or want to joke about it, I’m more than fine either way.



Oh I’m not debating it’s goofy or that the trailer doesn’t look like warmed-over trash, I’m just saying it’s actually somewhat comics-accurate. Some people think Dick Grayson has always been 100% happy-go-lucky but that’s not the case.


Yeah it is even there in BTAS a few times.


In the Nightwing run I’m reading from Chuck Dixon back in the 90s, half the time when Batman shows up in Bludhaven, he’s secretly resentful that he thinks Bruce doesn’t believe he can handle his own and is angry having been passed over in place of Jean-Paul Valley during Knightfall.


‘Twin Peaks’: David Lynch Sends a Bizarre Message to Comic-Con Fans and Rejects Kyle MacLachlan’s Emmy Snub

According to The Cast, Working On Twin Peaks Was Both ‘Transcendent’ and ‘Arousing’


Here you go…

Your Flash Season 5 main villain… supposedly. :hugs:





For your consideration…


Instead of talking more about who Dreamer is they really wanted to talk about bathrooms. Fuck Fox News!


If ever I would blow $113 on a day one release, it would be this… but two important questions remain… is it 4:3 as it should be, or 16:9? And is it legitimate HD or upscaled from SD?

This is my reaction:


I have some of the same concerns Spooie. Let me know if you find out and vice versa.



The most hysterical thing about people complaining about their Buffy being replaced seem to have forgotten that their Buffy replaced someone else’s. I guess it only matters what THEY care about.


Tom Hardy is on season 2 of Peaky Blinders.


If you mean that horrid movie Buffy replaced Joss Whedon’s original scripted Buffy, then yes, I agree.

The fact that the Buffy pilot continues from Whedon’s original script (with her burning down the gym) and not the actual movie should say it all, really. Actually, I think there was a comic or graphic novel that re-told Joss’s script 1:1 and made it in-canon with the show.


So this was pretty big news.

For those who are confused about the casting changes a quick break down is Takeshi Kovacs was originally born from Asian and Slovak parents but the nature of this future is that people easily change bodies. In the first book he’s Caucasian, in the 2nd book he’s African, and in the final book he starts off in a synthetic body and then to an Asian one.

The 2nd book is called Broken Angels and its a totally different tone from Altered Carbon leaning much more into Military Sci-fi as there’s a war going on but it’s really a book about discovering… something truly alien and spectacular out in the middle of space. Like Aliens meets Annihilation. It’s a book most fans hated when it came out because of the tonal shift but if you can get past that it’s pretty fantastic.

Also if you didn’t care to much for the first season or those characters if things pan out how I think it will this will be an entirely new cast except for Quell.


Better Call Saul, Season 4 premiered tonight. I know I’m not the only on watching.

Much darker, more grim approach for this episode as it was expected to be.


They did say that this will be darker than any season, and judging from the preview they showed, much more violent as well.




Castle Rock on Hulu is amazing.