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You’re missing exactly what I’m saying. In fact, your second statement…

…agrees with my previous statement…

My complaint isn’t whether it’s led by a black or gay woman. What irks me is that the emphasis of the article is about it being a black person or a gay person. Wouldn’t the sum of the person be more than their sexuality or what they look like?

Instead of putting “Gay comic hero Batwoman gets TV series,” why not just say “Batwoman gets TV series” and the in the article they can talk about her being gay as much as they want? Why not put “‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Series Reboot In Works” and then mention that the lead character is Black in the story?

Why does the sexual identity or the race/ethnicity of a character BECOME the story?

What I absolutely hate is when people throw in “the black guy” or “the gay girl” or whatever into a show simply to meet the status quo and their sole purpose is to be the black character or the gay character, instead of actually developing the character themselves. You don’t need a token character to fill out some checklist. Make a good character A GOOD CHARACTER, and I’m happy with 100% of them being gay or black.

But the emphasis of a TV show should not be pandering to what the sexuality of a character is or the color of a character is unless the show itself is about that character’s sexuality or the color of that character. And, last I knew, Batwoman was about Batwoman and Buffy the Vampire Slayers was about vampire slaying.

I’m the kind of person who looks at other people are people. Not for their complexion or who the kind of person they’d like to be in a relationship with. I look at people as PEOPLE.

I apologize for not remembering the name of the film, but a few years ago there was a movie that came out with a mostly black cast and it was followed by a number of articles stating “Black Comedy, Surprise hit at Box Office!” and myself, along with several of my black friends, wondered why they had to go out of their way to emphasize “black comedy” in the headline. Isn’t comedy universal? Why does it matter what color something is to be funny? Is there a different class system for comedy based on race or ethnicity? If it is funny, wouldn’t everyone find it funny? But, yet, you had 100 places all referring to it as a “black comedy.” Last I checked, no one referred to anything as a “white comedy.” So why do people feel the need to segregate “black comedy” from everything else? Even worse, was the idea that a comedy featuring mostly black actors had to be considered a “surprise” amongst Hollywood. Do so many people in the industry think so lowly of films that one with a predominantly black cast actually succeeding would be a “surprise” to everyone?


As a gay man, do you want to be known as “the gay man,” or would you rather want to be known as a “thoughtful, insightful, caring person who just happens to be gay.” Personally, I respect you too much to consider you as the former. But only you know which you would prefer people thinking of you as.

And you don’t need to respond if you don’t want to, nor to you need to justify your reasons to me as to why.




I’m over the phase in my life where I spend a bunch of time reading and writing paragraphs of online posts to prove a point. Sorry.

Life is better this way.


You know what, I should have put a third option in there:

“thoughtful, insightful, caring person," because, again, I wouldn’t think your being gay should have any effect on who YOU are.


That said, I didn’t realize there was a “point” to be proven. I’m certainly not trying to prove anyone right or wrong. Simply giving you my side, as you did ask me and I thought it would be respectful and courteous to respond. But if you have no desire to respond, that is perfectly fine. Sadly, I guess neither one of us is going to share the other’s vision.


The gist I get in general from your posts is that you’re upset with the framing, and not necessarily the content. But who cares about the framing? Honestly. The content stands on its own.

I dunno, there’s so many other things to complain about when it comes to marketing, television, and the combination there of, that it feels like small peanuts to me.


The Titans trailer is doing its best job at not wanting me to watch Titans.


Eventually, one of DC’s TV/film characters will gain the superpower of being able to smile. It is just unfortunate that I’ll probably be dead by that point.


Wait what if that’s why the Joker has to paint a smile on his face or gas people into laughing and smiling because they don’t happen naturally in the DC Multiverse. Laughing literally kills people there.


Grant Gustin’s smile is precious and must be protected at all costs.


I like it better when he cries, honestly. He was amazing in season 1 and in parts of season 2, being serious, sad and depressed. I still say that the first season finale is the best finale of any comic book show I’ve ever seen and one of the best finales period.

Sadly, season 4’s amped up “comedy” has actually helped detract from Gustin’s charm. Now, when I DO see him being happy, I’ll always remember that one horrible, horrible episode when he and the Elongated man were being shot at and they weren’t even paying attention to the guy who was shooting them, when the bullets were bouncing all over the place.


I will give next season maybe 3 or 4 episodes to see where it stands and decide if I should just give up at that point or not.


I think their heart was in the right place for s4, dialing back the angst and grit, but the balance was off. Hopefully they nail it better in s5.


Hopefully. There have been three entirely different writing staffs so far. Season 1-2a, 2a-3 and 4. No idea what we’re getting next season.

Out of all the Arrowverse shows, I thought Flash had the largest drop in quality. And the finale was just awful. Meanwhile, I thought Supergirl had the best season of them all now that they finally gave her a formidable opponent who could be an actual threat.


Supergirl and Legends seem to be the top shelf stuff from what I hear. Need to watch them.


This year was definitely Supergirl’s best season.

Legends had some good isolated stuff, but I mostly dipped out in the second half. Too much Damien Dhark. Only so many times the guy can be killed, written off and revived out of nowhere with no rhyme or reason before I stop caring entirely. Plus, for the second season in a row, they got rid of Rip Hunter early on and there was no “brainwashed” version or comedy aspect to his character to redeem the decision like last year. Both the actors who play Firestorm are written out as well.

I will say that if you did not watch any of the episodes, the finale features the goofiest fight sequence in the entire Arrowverse. Not good, not bad. Just goofy.


While I’m not marathoning the series, I started watching The Amazing World of Gumball.


Peaky Blinders had a fantastic quote. Cillian Murphy said “We are all whores, we just sell different parts of ourselves.”



First season was good, but not great. This actually looks and feels more cinematic. Higher budget, wider camera angles.




THREE… (season 3 finale spoilers inside!)


Flash is not yet available.


What if Nora is the bid bad of the season? I mean, I think her “Fuck the Flash!” comment was a little uncalled for. :thinking:


The ire for the “fuck Batman” line in the Titan trailers makes sense in the larger context of “grimdark DC,” but either people are forgetting or don’t know that Dick Grayson had a massive angsty phase when he went from Robin to Nightwing. That line is mildly in-character.


It doesn’t really bother me that he said it. It’s just how the actor delivered it so poorly which makes it come across goofy.