Television ✪ What are you watching?


I guess that could be true since The Expanse is no longer on TV and going to Amazon. :grimacing:


Has anyone watched Snowfall on FX? I am waiting for season 2 of that to start up soon. I also watched a few episodes of Cloak and Dagger since I stumbled across it OnDemand. It kind of feels like a cheesy teen soap.


Never watched Snowfall but it seems like it could be good.

I hopefully soon will start Sharp Objects on HBO.

I have one more episode of Outlander season 2 to go, then on to season 3. That show is pretty amazing.


Yeah was just gonna ask if anyone’s watching Sharp Objects. I’ve been hearing great stuff and I dig Marti Noxon and Gillian Flynn, so I’m gonna start it soon as well.


The Expanse is really good? I tried the first episode but was doing 8 other things so I didn’t catch most of it.

Should I give it a serious try?


Yeah it is one of the most criminally underrated shows of all time. It is my top show on TV. Season 2 and 3 has several episodes that feel like they could be season finales.

Please try it Grundy and let me know your thoughts. Let it be a gauge on whether or not anyone can ever take my opinions seriously again lol I like it so much I bet my reputation on it.


Looks like I suddenly have The Movie Channel on Demand and Starz on Demand on XB1 for some unknown reason. Did an update to the system over the weekend and they appeared.


Well now.

Would be neat if this were somehow Arrowverse but it probably won’t be.


Lol HAVE to say “Gay” in the headline huh?

Hopefully it is based on Rucka and JH Williams III run or uses aspects of it.




From what I hear it’s likely Arrow related and will air in fall 2019.




Please actually be a sequel series and not a hard reboot. Please.


You know, we’ve got “GAY COMIC HERO!” a few posts above and “REBOOT WITH BLACK LEAD” now. Remember when the content of the shows were what mattered instead of identity politics? Why does it need to be emphasized above all? Shouldn’t people amount to more than a base identifier?


As someone who is neither black or gay, how do you folks here feel about this? Wouldn’t you want the emphasis to be on the content of the characters as opposed to their race, ethnicity, sex or gender? Make me a good show and I won’t care about any of that. I’ll just care about it being a good show.

That said, I’m sure people will be happen Whedon is involved, consider a few years ago they were trying to move ahead on a new Buffy project without him.


I am sure if it didn’t specify there would be less eye-rolling. Why give bigots more ammunition to be angry with those headlines?

But yeah this is a straight white liberal guy’s view. It is a strange world. Everything has to be a balancing act and it is a shame.


This is easy to say when you’re OK with the status quo.

All that matters is whether the shows are good, and always has been. Why do you care whether they’re being led by black or gay women and not otherwise?

Also, it’s not like they’re making Batwoman gay for the show. She’s a superhero who’s getting her own show – she just happens to be gay. It’s a breakthrough moment in TV yes, but it’s part of her character. It’d be much more upsetting if they made her straight.

As for Black Buffy, I didn’t care for Kendra in the original series but she was fine. The entire point of the show is that ANY girl can be the chosen one. Visibly separating the show in that sense makes perfect sense to me. No one can replace Buffy Summers, so let’s go for something different. It remains to be seen whether it’ll work, but I don’t understand complaining about it out of the gate. You sound out of touch.


I watch shows that are good, regardless of the race and sexuality of the characters. Maybe you should try it?

As a gay man, I’ve had no issues watching thousands of hours of TV that exclusively features straight white people. Why is it that shows only get ruined by “identity politics” when it’s something different?









spooie I see you’re still typing, so just a heads up, I’m not replying to anything more than 5 paragraphs long.