Switch Multiplayer question

The Nintendo DS (and I would imagine the 3DS) let you play some games on multiple systems using one card to host everyone locally via WiFi.

Does the Switch let you do that for any games?


The closest thing off the top of my head is that you can use two Switches to play Pac-Man Vs.

Pretty sure its a no.

  • one screen
  • no more 1 card multiplay
  • 32GB still
    nintendo innovation everybody

My girlfriend bought a Switch for her daughters a year or two back and only has four games for it. But her youngest daughter just won a Switch in a school raffle, so now she’s trying to figure out of they can play anything together without buying multiple copies of the game.

Well there is one

The free to play online games but those aren’t really made with kids in mind.

Don’t think Pokemon quest is multiplayer so probably nothing.

Not for kids but technically you can play these together for free.


Isn’t DC Universe Online free and coming to switch soon? I don’t know if they like DC or are they more Marvel fans?

As far as I know there aren’t any games that support one card play, but most games already support local multiplayer with one console and joycons.