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I get the feeling the announces are going to be like this. The rumors for “Brave” all point to characters from Square Enix RPG’s Erdrick (Dragon Quest), ? (Bravely Default), Chrono (Chrono Trigger). If Persona doesn’t come to switch then I’m guessing its supposed to represent Shin Megami Tensei.

Why this week? I would guess just after that Persona 5 stuff because whatever they announce will be relevant to Joker in Smash.

We did get that datamine that pretty much confirmed the Persona 5 R character is probably an alt.


That’s what the rumor’s saying. This week. I’m not gonna believe it until I see it though.


Well a Nintendo direct is likely coming soon I just assume its just after the Persona info because I assume it relates to Joker in Smash.

Supposed Leak french which is crazy but if true has potentially awesome mechanics so its probably not true. :pleading_face:

It would mean that Joker would have a boatload of potential special attacks 25=8 Persona * 3 + his up special. Supposedly would switch persona by shielding and holding B then selecting like it was shulk monado arts. Would be seriously awesome but man that’s alot of potential specials.

The other character would also have a crazy amount of special variants.

represent all the duo and trio techniques that Chrono can take part in.

This would mean 10 final smashes. The only reason its sort of believable is because how faithful Sakurai always is to his source material.


I hope Stage Builder is nice


It won’t be




I get the feeling the announces are going to be like this.

Yeah Reggie literally said that after Joker was announced. The next character or maybe the 3rd will be (another) the new Fire Emblem Switch protagonist, just like before.


Full DLC list:

Piranha Plant
Minecraft Steve
Fire Emblem character #14
Noctis from Final Fantasy 15… Pocket Edition (it’s the shittier model with no “regular” alt)
The car from Gran Turismo

I’m so excited you guys


That’s the wrong leak list. The real leak list is:



Don’t know so far we only know Joker. If they do a three houses character I would assume Byleth or Edelgard


I’d be hype for edlegard. Smash could use more female characters and Fire Emblem reps could use an axe user.


Agreed. Badly need an axe user.


It was interesting to see the easy allies react to the latest footage for three houses Ian and some of the other allies seemingly didn’t know Fire Emblem had social links.

Honestly hope they make an exception and react to the big games for tree house live this E3 but probably won’t.


Will the new characters be from games that already have fighters in smash? I thought I read somewhere that the 5 fighters would be from games that have never had a Smash representative before. :man_shrugging:t2: Maybe I’m crazy or imagined it or both.


Reggie at the game awards said

“This gives you a flavor of how we are approaching the DLC. These are going to be characters new to the series. Just like Joker from Persona 5. Characters you would not anticipate to be in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.”

So that kind of implies new franchises.


Andrew better get his sack right then lol Complaining about Joker being non-Nintendo.



It does seem a little weird to pick a character from a franchise that really isn’t on Nintendo consoles. Either Persona 5 is coming or it references Shin Megami Tensei.

I think he’s a great add. All the Allies went nuts.


Well Persona Q2 stars Joker on 3DS.


Joker is a good character to add anyways. Either way I still think they are waiting on that last bit of Persona 5 info to drop before they show what’s going on with Joker.

It helps that I know about Shin Megami Tensei.


New content update… tomorrow?

Joker, stage, music, new spirits, and several Mii costumes. More featured stage editor than Smash Wii U, basic video editing and sharing abilities.