Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


I agree sometimes It’s just better to eat that damage but it depends on the character. Like Mii Brawler and Swordfighter who have to keep momentum and pressure on the other player to be effective and shielding the poison cloud gives too much time for the other player to readjust themselves.


Depends on how much. Becuase honestly Piranha plant wants you to eat the damage at least when I play that’s what I want to happen.



I’ll say it again Ness’s PK fire needs a nerf even when you know every ness is going to spam it its still silly op.

Man it seems like everyone has become a cheap spammer of annoying moves.


It’s funny when I played against Wolf players that did nothing but spam Neutral Special.

They never seemed to realize that their projectiles have flaws. Also reflectors nullify it


Well its a tactic that is annoying and kind of works.


Learned something new Incineroar’s revenge makes your moves safer on shield.

Tried Mii Brawler. Holy cow it feels hax.


Mii Brawler is one of my mains.
I run a more ranged set with.

Neutral: Shot Put

Side B: Burning Dropkick

Up B: Soaring Axe Kick

Down B: Feint Jump