Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


I’ve pretty much stopped playing Quickplay. Elite Smash isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, plus the lag and the weird input problems I experienced online are making me stay away. I’ve been performing much better offline, so I don’t think it’s 100% my fault that I keep losing online. (Yes, I’ve been playing real people offline too; not just the CPU.) If I do play online, it’s probably just going to be in rooms.

Also, people are saying K. Rool is low tier now. I don’t think so, but I don’t think he’s broken/OP like other people are saying either.

Oh by the way, I have over 1250 spirits now.


Depends on the situation. On Final Destination or omega he is fine. Battlefield makes him better and nerfs other characters.

For example Incineroar is blocked by the platforms on battlefield with his UP-B.


You know, I think I have all of the songs. It’s kinda disappointing that this game doesn’t have I Am The Wind from Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night.


After 10 hours and playing Zelda, I lost interest on the game. That said, if anyone wants a Piranha Plant code, here it is. I don’t know when it will be available.



The code is redeemable now. Piranha plant comes later.

Bummer you got burnt out. Maybe you’ll come back when the DLC is out.

I probably won’t be able to play online for a while. I’m having issues with my ISP again. They keep playing that game where they want to raise rates so if you guy don’t hear from me for a while that’s why.


Probably because there are no trophies and you are a trophy fiend lol Can’t platinum these babies.


Well I’m done with random online matches kind of bored beating random faceless people.

Elite Smash:
Zero Suit Samus
King K Rool
Mega Man

I’m done with trying to get people into Elite Smash I think that’s enough.

Fight me if you want.
Friend Code SW-0120-9353-1353



I got them all except the Pikachu and Eevee ones. Not gonna get them until they become publicly available unless I can get someone to lend me copies of both.


Seems like Luigi got nerfed and Lucas buffed… Nice for Lucas.


Actually, I don’t know how this will affect him. The propeller nerf is definitely a nerf, but the down-throw length of time is only on undamaged opponents.

Also, did Nintendo actually provide detailed patch notes!?


That Up B recovery :lips::pray:

Also like fuck Lucas you know.


I just tested King K. Rool. Don’t see much difference on the propellot, so it must have had the range reduced horizontally.

Blunderbuss vacuum now lasts a lot less than it originally did. Not really a nerf. It just means people actually need to know when and where to use it and not just use it to ledge-guard.

It looks like down-throw got nerfed altogether after all. No longer a reliable way to rack up damage at medium percents. Guess we gotta use up-throw for that now. The up-smash kill-confirm still works as intended as far as I know, so it can be used for that. Forward-throw is still the best option for racking up damage at low percents.

I’m just glad that he didn’t really get any major nerfs that would hurt him overall. Still kills at early-percents. Still has good armor attacks. Still has kill-confirms. I think the worst that can happen to him is moving a couple pegs down in the tier lists.


This is the REAL shocker lmao. Still no frame values and whatnot but wow this is a massive improvement from even Wii U.


People REALLY sleeping on King K. Rool and somehow think the only thing he had was down-throw; both players AND naysayers.

This match was before the 2.0.0 patch, but the kills had nothing to do with what was nerfed.


Well deserved. I hope this makes it all worth it for Sakurai.

He’s worked so hard.



Piranha Plant is amazing. He’s probably going to get nerfed.


From the little I’ve played I can confirm. He’s a lot of fun too though.


I feel like people are blowing him out of proportion like they did with King K. Rool. He doesn’t have much comboability, plus the Down Special has a hitbox on the head, so it can be easily punished.

I did have some fun doing stupid shit and getting away with it though. It’s hilarious to break their shield with poison, shoot more poison while they’re stunned for more damage, and then smash them off and get a stock. People actually think they need to shield the poison when they can just jump or roll out of it and take minimal damage. :yum:


If you do it right they don’t have much of a choice.