Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Man I am loving the changes and I haven’t even really played everyone yet.

Ganondorf is insane.


I haven’t played much of Ganondorf outsider of Classic mode but his moves seem to just destroy.

Zero Suit Samus is right now my favorite right up there with Pikachu and I.Fucking.Love.Pikachu!


Yeah and I always accidentally always put three n’s in his name lol He was always one of my mains. Absolute beast. I like the heavier guys on smash but I fuck with pretty much all characters for fun.


Ridley montage


Well looks like I’m better at Ryu.


The air combination Z.S Samus puts out is amazing.


My cousin and I rang in the new year with about 5 hours of Smash last night. Could have possibly gotten the first KOs of 2019 lol


Got Palutena into Elite Smash.

Dr Mario, Wolf and Bowser are now elite :smile:


I did Pac-Man’s Classic Mode. The boss threw me for a loop, but at the same time it makes sense.

It’s Dracula.


Someone data mined and found a codename for another DLC character

They also got some of the stats

Plant- 112 (this is the bottom of super heavyweight)
Joker- 89 (This is the top of lightweight)

Brave- 101 (This is the bottom of heavyweight)

run speed
Plant= 1.72
Joker= 2.21 (This makes Joker faster than charizard)

“Brave”= 1.74 (this is about young link run speed)

Plant and Joker have rapid jabs, while “Brave” does not.


The naive hopeful in me says it’s going to be Ramza Beoulve, but I know that it most likely means a Bravely Default character.


Whatever character you pick remember they aren’t going to be fast.

The top picks seem to be

Erdrick or another Dragon’s Quest hero

A Bravely Default character

Yuri Lowell (tales)

Brave Fencer Musashi

A Phantom Brave character


Do we really need anymore swordsmen?


Well I think it will make a good choice honestly.

There’s also a rumor that has three other characters listed. Supposedly these are coming to promote their games on switch.

Erdrick (Dragon Quest) with pallete swaps

Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)

Steve from Minecraft I hope this is wrong

Marine A.K.A DOOM Guy


I don’t really put much stock in rumors anymore. The Grinch thing and all that proved non-fruitful. Ken was the easiest prediction probably of all time.


Mewtwo’s Classic Mode. Fuck.

He fights someone and then that fighter becomes his partner in the next fight. He fights…
Lucas (with Claus colors)
See the theme here?


Classic mode is definitely way better.


Attack of the clones.


No it’s

Brainwashing people that have already been brainwashed before.


Time to go back to my 64/Melee/Brawl main? :thinking:

Semi kidding… though I definitely like how Luigi feels here compared to Smash 4.