Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Got a pro tip BTW. Use PK freeze got hit by this and was like WTF. Unless your opponent is like the king of mash they are likely dead when you hit this at medium percents.


Yeah PK Freeze is amazing in this game. Can travel 80% of most stages too.

Just kinda slow.


Amazing…you mean broken.


I’m on the right side of this one haha.


Well getting hit by one is crazy.

I like how pretty much every character feels viable.


I made this:

Bonus points to anyone who knows where the audio is from.


I hate how people can pick annoying rulesets. Like a Samus I fought turning on Smash Balls and stage hazards and then camping.


Playing World of Light. This is completely different from what I thought it was, and that’s not a good thing.

If it was just plan ol’ smash I would most likely loved it, but having rule-sets that NEVER APPEARS in the rest of the game, or at least to me, is making me hate it.

I was hoping it was an expansive training mode where you learn EVERYTHING about the game to the minute detail.


Learned that I can’t play smash in handheld mode because that shit is too tiny.


There’s never going to be that in Smash. If you want that check out the wiki , kuroganehammer and Smash Bros Ultimate Montages


The point of World of Light is showing how flexible Smash’s rules can be. You can replicate pretty much every match in normal or Special Smash. In a sense, it is a tutorial about how varied the playstyles in Smash can be.

If you don’t want anything special or different, just do normal Smash against CPUs.


Sounds like he wanted a teach you the ropes mode and normal Smash isn’t that.


I mean all you need is that 30 sec video that plays when you’re idle on the start menu for a few seconds… The basics are really simple. :thinking:


I think they were looking for way more in depth stuff. If you were playing against people and only knew that video you’d probably be destroyed. Its good for a complete beginner but someone who wants more than that its not helpful.

It doesn’t tell you about character specific stuff and other things.

For example knowing Chrom’s Soaring Slash/Ike’s Aether have super armor and spike killing the opponent first is something that video isn’t going to tell you.


Yeah. I’m pretty sure he was talkig about combo trials and a system mechanics tutorial. Ya know, something that every other modern Fighting game has.


Alright cheapest tactic I’ve seen yet.

Person turned on stage hazards, pokeballs and assist trophies. Then guess who their character was? Rosalina who used down-B to steal all the items.

Still won though because Roy is awesome.

Also I guess their is a use for the training mode. I tested out how early the Ice Climbers could freeze someone with Ice Shot and Blizzard if you are really close its really easy to freeze particularly since Ice Climbers are super damaging.


I am kicking ass in spirit board. I have Gannondorf with starting metal and gigantism. Unstoppable damn near.


Metal will carry you far if not all the way to the end. It’s pretty broken and once you find the Primary that just gives it to you it’s even more powerful because you can add other spirits.


Mumkhar > Metal Face is the only one I recall. One-slot ATK for a Giant/Metal start. It’s a good go-to for some of the harder matches, especially on the spirit board (where you miss out on some of the adventure skills, I believe). I cycle between Blade Lord Lyn, Skull Kid & Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker Zelda, and Soma Cruz unless I want to do something silly or something specific to a character.


Metal Face, Wind Waker Zelda were two of mine also.