Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


I thought 4 was fine, but playing Ultimate did make me realize that it could have been much better than it was. It feels like I have more control here than I did in the other games.


Its definitely really good. They definitely did some good buffs and nerfs.


K Rool and Ness both need a nerf. I also wouldn’t mind a PK Freeze adjustment.


Hilariously enough, I ended up fighting a Palutena, and I finished the game with back-airing her



Nerf Ness, buff Lucas :sunglasses:


I don’t really know about Lucas but Ness’s PK fire is too fast to the point where he can just keep you in it forever.


I like how everyone feels reasonably useable.


I just made a room if anyone wants to Smash.

LPVVM is the arena ID.

Also, I made it to Elite Smash.

EDIT: The room got shut down because no one came in. Let me know if anyone wants to Smash and I’ll make a new one.


Beat World of Light


I’ll play.


I stepped out for a bit, but I can play now if you’d like.


Cleared all of World of Light a couple of days ago. Been working on filling out the spirit list. Less than a hundred to go, I think. Most battles aren’t too obnoxious, especially given the variety of abilities you get. That said, whoever designed the battle for ‘The Boss’ can go have digestive distress.

Also, whenever I see Cloud in one of his few appearances, I’m reminded of the baffling absence of any Final Fantasy content. Odd to dump all those FF titles on the eShop and not show Smash any more love. As neat as it is seeing some less popular games get shout-outs (Hotel Dusk!), I’d have traded a few to get some classic battle themes remixed.


Cool just let me know which room.


2S9W4 is the code.


Sorry got to go.


GGs. I need to work on my Meta-Knight.


I made some bad plays in retrospect.

I should try more characters and I was shamefully bad with Palutena.



It’s taking longer than I anticipated, but I finally getting the hang of it,


Currently its around 2 million GSP to get into Elite Smash.