Super Smash Bros. Ultimate




I’m better with Diddy Kong than I thought almost as good as Pikachu. :man_shrugging:t2:



Unless there were any stealth changes, I’m glad King K. Rool was left untouched.


Thank goodness your ruleset actually matters now. :slight_smile: after the update i can reasonablly get what I want.


Played Smash with some people at work today guess who isn’t allowed to use Pikachu anymore…me.

I can’t help it my Pikachu likes to float around the stage like a beautiful lucha ballerina with the power of Thor…not my problem people suck.

Just wait until they meet Marth muahaha

I wasn’t even using the right stick on these guys.


stealth change?


Actually, I’m surprised the day one patch didn’t do that.


Pikachu is for sure annoying although I’ve destroyed some people with Ridley.


If any of you want to beat classic on 9.9 intensity I suggest using Diddy Kong because all his battles are doubles so it’s really like playing on 6-7 intensity instead.


So are alot of chroms. He duos with Lucina.

Dr. Mario is pretty crazy now. Tried him out and he’s powerful.


I was surprised to play some Guilty Gear matches at all last night.

But anyway, I did go to my local and played some Smash Ultimate with someone. I kept losing, but I got one match in where I did the Propellerpack kill twice. It was glorious.

Also, they had a great idea on switching between hazards and hazardless for tournaments. They just made two rulesets that had one turned on and the other turned off.



Classic Mode is complete so now it’s just gold farming it to buy stuff in the shop.


Incineroar is op


does it still have that vortex down-Smash? I love that move


Dr. Mario? Its acutally buffed.

Inspector K.Rool I think I’m the Ridley.

How 2 Ganondorf



Fun fact: the Smash 4 review is how I first found dunkey four years ago.


Sakurai REALLY turned things around. This game is eons past Brawl and 4 in my opinions. I prob played Ultimate by myself alone more than 4 combined so far.


Okay Ness needs to be nerfed. PK fire shouldn’t combo into 4 more PK fires WTF.