Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


If you want it faster do smash matches take an SD and then after you get an unlock reset the game and repeat.

I got to find one of my mini sd cards to show you guys Ridley. I can imagine a good Ridley being scary as heck.


I’ve done a little bit of everything except online. Spirit fights are fun but can be repetitive at times. Classic Mode is my favorite I think. The mode where you kill 100 fighters was weak.

I can get my intensity bar almost to max as Pikachu.

Maxing out Spirit levels is not as hard as they made it seem…super easy.

I need to shake a little more rust off before hitting WiFi fights.

Favs that I’ve unlocked so far:

Mii Fighter (Not really locked just kinda there from the start)


Some videos of me getting skewers

Vs Wario
Vs Pikachu
Vs Lucina
Vs Little Mac


Lucina’s Down B counter is pretty cool.


I’ve tried online once. It was not great for me. Spirits has been fun in small doses, and yeah classic is the shit.



Man I need to get better.


I should start recording matches. I had my first match online last night. It was a 4 player match and I won as Pikachu.

Lucario is super light feeling he can’t take many hits his Up B is awkward to me.


Yeah he’s 92 weight now. Mario is 98. His recovery is alright though but yeah is hard to use.

The lightest characters however are Pichu (62), Jigglypuff (68), Squirtle (75), M. Game & Watch (75), Fox (77)

Just because a character is heavy doesn’t necessarily mean they survive more. For example incineroar is 116 but his recovery is bad.

Although generally more weight is better.


Unlocked all the characters


My Switch Friend Code is: SW-6369-4514-5306

I’ve already added some people here based on the friend suggestions, but here’s just in case anyone else wants to add.

I ended up getting a month subscription with my Gold Points, but I’ll probably get a year subscription next month.


Got some characters in elite smash Ganondorf 956,952 GSP


Currently working on finishing Classic with all the characters. I want the little medal on all the characters…this is what my trophy lust is like for PS4.


Yeah, I try to do it normally anyways, but the little ribbons are really compelling.


Same here. Going through Classic with everybody.


I only went through Classic mode with some of the characters to unlock some of the challenges.

Mega Man’s final boss being a piss-easy Doctor Mario fight and then has you fighting Mewtwo was actually genius.


Preferred rules was a terrible idea. People have awful rules.


Actually, it’s a good idea… on paper, but it’s not utilized… like, at all.

What’s the point of turning on no items, Battlefield only, and 1-on-1 if I’m just going to end up with a boatload of items on Hyrule Temple in a 4-player mess anyway?


Little Z making op videos again :grinning:

Yeah I never get my ruleset. 1 V 1 Omega variant why is that not the default.

Anyways got a couple of guys to Elite Smash.

Chrom, Ganondorf and Ridley.

Elite Smash is currently over a million GSP.


I just found out another similarity between May from Guilty Gear and King K. Rool.

Everyone thinks they’re OP and complains whenever they see someone playing as them.