Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Don’t know but Reggie said they would all be from franchises new to Smash Bros.

Got a message from UPS that said it should be here by tomorrow.


Mine was coming today but got pushed a day because a guy died. :man_shrugging:t2:


Man the DLC characters are so excited because they all have to be new characters and reggie said they’d be from franchises that aren’t in Smash already.


Plus if they are an assist trophy or sticker they won’t be a DLC fighter and there are a lot of those you can mark off. Suck it leakers!


Sadly i wont be playing for likely a WHOLE year (at least til the coming Black Friday). ill play a few rounds at a friend’s house or some demo booth, but ill be stuck with SSBWU for the time being. and ill be collecting as much merch as i can




King k rule is a lot of fun


I guess I misinterpeted. He said These are going to be characters new to the series just like joker from Persona 5. Characters that you would not anticipate to be in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Dangit shouldn’t have preordered.

Oh well just bought it in store and I’ll return the one that’s shipping to me.


Anyone up for playing?


Not til I get off at like 11 pm


Mii Brawler is really good.




Did I just fight you? Either way there’s a mii fighter with the name Mega.

Also just unlocked elite battles.


So I’ve been doing Spirits and ended up getting Akuma. You can’t equip support Spirits on him, but like, anything ends up dying with one punch. They’ve done their Street Fighter research, I’ll give them that.


Man Ridley is awesome.


I mean, I’m gonna use him anyway, but MAN I hope King K. Rool doesn’t get nerfed to oblivion. He’s SO GOOD. I’ve just been playing CPUs and trying to find some good kill-confirms. Turns out down-air can lead to many things in percentages higher than 30.


Wasn’t me I haven’t tried online yet.

The music in this game is worth full retail price just by itself.


K Rool’s gun move can reload itself if the cannonball touches the front of the gun.


Unlocked all the characters yesterday!!

Also the amount of care put into Classic Mode is amazing. I’ve done about a dozen of the chars so far. Ryu’s was hilarious, it’s all stamina battles and Street Fighter reskins. :lol: Wonder if Ken’s is similar.

Link and Kirby’s end with a fricking one-off boss AI just for their modes. o_0

Great return to form for Classic Mode after the Wii U’s weird ass version and the barebones 3DS trek.


Also Richter is the best character in the game.

Even Leffen agrees.


Classic mode is nearly all I’ve been doing and unlocking a random character after each one. It’s incredible. I did do a bit of Adventure.