Super Smash Bros. Ultimate



I’m pretty likely to use alot of characters. The ones with weird recoveries and low weights are the ones i’m likely to avoid.

Marth has always been good (If you get tippers).


Well I’ll need to learn tippers anyways for Richter. :stuck_out_tongue:


Do they have tippers like Marth’s?


Their whips do apparently, or so I believe I heard M2K say a while back.


Oh I see what he’s referring to. here he’s saying its good to get max distance on the belmont’s chain not that it does extra damage or knockback like Marth’s

This isn’t the same as Marth’s tipper. Marth can kill at silly low percents but also if he misses the tipper it’s a wet noodle hit.


so Power A made these new wireless GC controllers, fully compatible…but they run on batteries???


Batteries are gross and expensive.


Yeah Simon’s ugly. I’ll probably only play Richter too


Finally someone else who sees the light. :smiley:


Was asked by my friend to bring this game, my four Pro Controllers, and my four GameCube controllers to his Yankee Swap on Saturday.

Gonna be fucking lit. :hyper:


What’s a Yankee Swap?


Everyone brings a random gift in a given price range and they’re randomly distributed to among the guests.


Tomorrow’s the day, guys.






hopefully best buy gets mine to me by tomorrow supposedly coming on UPS.

Allies having a stream tonight

Zero already streaming it.


I’ve never heard it called that before. Cool


Joker from Persona 5 is announced!!! HA HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!


Aw yeah. DLC is going to be totally worth it.



Wow. Who’s next? Sol Badguy?