Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Move over, Bayonetta:


Looks like Smash Ultimate now has a pause menu. Finally, no more pressing a complicated series of buttons just to quit a match.

Of course, the menu does have the option to go into camera mode.


Weight Information


I can’t believe they brought back the best Battlefield and Final Destination themes into Smash Ultimate.


This is sacrilege.


Smash Bros 4 > Ulimate Weight changes

Bowser is going to be the king of surviving. More Weight + Air speed buffs.

Full Weight list


By the way, they actually announced an eSports circuit in Japan.

But it has items on for whatever reason.


Did I just see Darkest Lariat shield break all by itself?


Bowser was always a great survivor since Melee (though I don’t know what he was like in Brawl or Wii U/3D).


In Wii U he’s pretty ridiculous (130) and looks like in Ultimate he’ll be even better with an extra 5 weight and more air speed.

Melee had him at 117 - Ultimate has him at 135. His recovery is good enough that you should be able to recover from most things.






Dr Mario


I’m waiting for the K. Rool kombos myself.

Oh, and the Meta-Knight ladder combo is still in the game, except it’s no longer a ladder combo, but it is easier to pull off.


Chroms recovery seems better than expected

Seeing someone play incineroar.:grinning:


Tons of footage


Looks like I’m getting two free spirits


Ice Climbers 0 to death


Really glad they dropped trophies for stickers 2.0.

all those figures ill never own…


One thing I saw about the Belmont’s holy fire is it can hurt Simon and Richter too.


Pretty neat to read.

Good article overall too, worth a read.


I enjoy playing as a LOT of fighters, lol. I could have even included Bowser, Dedede, Pikachu, Sonic, Mewtwo and Bowser Jr. here too…

Basically, Smashdown was made for me. :lol


Richter: The most interesting/fun-looking of the newcomers to me from a gameplay perspective, and Castlevania 1 has been one of my top 3 favorite NES games for years. Looking forward to making him my new main, and his white+pink look is fucking fabulous. Edit- I know Simon is from Castlevania 1 and Richter is from Rondo of Blood/Dracula X, but while Castlevania 1 got me into the series, I think Richter looks better in this game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Marth: Never played his archetype before but always wanted to. Apparently Marth is really good in Ultimate which unfortunately does sway my opinion slightly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Villager: My Smash 4 main. I may switch between him and Isabelle depending on how much I like her changes, but in general Villager was the Smash addition I always wanted (and they even kept my preferred look for him, instead of the lankier New Leaf “people.”) Moveset is fun and interesting and he has some of the best taunts in the game.

Lucas: The Smash 4 version of Marth for me; didn’t play him or Ness much, but wanted to learn, and I’m a fan of Earthbound Zero and still pray for a US release of Mother 3. Lucas is also the only Amiibo I own.

Luigi: My 64/Melee/Brawl main. Didn’t like some of the changes in Smash 4 and I don’t like some of the changes I see in Ultimate either, but when I play him it’s like riding a bike. He’s a very standard, fundamental fighter, and I know his moveset like the back of my hand, so playing him is always really natural.

Toon Link: The funnest Link. I was overjoyed when Young Link was replaced by his far superior Wind Waker descendant (or whatever). Unfortunately ever since his first appearance in Brawl he’s become less and less “Toon” which is lame but whatever.

Piranha Plant: Looks like a lot of fun (and much more up my alley than past “weird” chars G&W, ROB, and Duck Hunt) but I’ll make a final call when he’s actually released.

Make yours here:


I’ve never been a fan of some of the characters just having animal noises, but it seems like K. Rool has someone voicing the noises for him and not just using stock animal noises. I actually like it and it reminds me of Q from Street Fighter III. Also, funny coincidence: the voice actor that played Q also played Krusha in the Donkey Kong Country cartoon.