Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Really?? You’d think with the FF7 remake they’d want to hype Cloud up.

Though then again it’s doubtful that project is even past 1% completion… of the first episode…


No one ever accused square enix of making sense.


Yeah. Seems really weird but I guess we should be happy he can still be a fighter. Seems doubly weird in that a number of Final Fantasy games are coming to switch they could have pulled content from.


Good point. I agree with all of those incoming you would think they would be more generous.


Yuna from X/X-2 would have been great with her summons.


Oh well.

I’m still freaking out over the fighter changes we got updated.

Like Wario’s chomp now heals even on projectiles and some people said it speeds up waft.


So is Wario a vampire now if his bite heals him?? Talk about character development.


Guess so a vampire whose favorite food is garlic.

Someone’s been saying they seemingly have been nerfing go to options and then buffing other stuff about the characters. So like Wario’s Bike, Ganondorf’s Upair, ect


Are we having a tournament here for this game in the future? I mean we’ll obviously need time to get used to characters.


Got to unlock them first.


Shouldn’t be hard.


I was wondering the same thing.

Ball’s in your court, @Andrew.


Smash Bros Ultimate is being datamined


Some of this music is just amazing


I’ve been blasting Gangplank Galleon all day.


Space for 30 DLC characters

Some stuff I’m disappointed not making the list

Fire Emblem Shaman in the Dark Prince’s Despair Don’t Speak her name Divine Decree (ablaze)

F-Zero Captain Falcon’s theme

Zelda Twilight Princess Ganondorf Silent Guardians

Metroid VS Dark Samus (Seriously why not?) VS Dark Samus V2

Megaman Storm Eagle Zero’s theme

No Xenoblade X music?

Don’t worry
Wir fliegen
Black tar

And Very limited Xenoblade 2 Music? Counterattack Incoming! Exploration


Less than a couple more weeks. Crazy.


It will be nice to play now that all the characters got changes. Hopefully this makes some characters more viable (Dr. Mario, ect) and some less op (Bayonetta, ect)

Snakes Codecs return?

Yahoo seems like the good old unlocking method of SD works.


Huge K. Rool analysis by Jtails.

Reminder that I saw Jtails place second at CenCal Standoff in person.


He does look incredible and has great remixes in Crocodile Cacophony and Gangplank Galleon.

Bowser now has super armor during the startup of all his tilt and smash attacks.