Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Also, it seems like everyone is saying Pichu is good. Not amazing, but good.


I was looking through this and wanted to follow up on K. Rool’s super armor.

I saw someone say that it doesn’t recover and it can only take three hits based on when the Treehouse Direct said it only takes three.

His super armor did in fact break on the third hit it took when we first see the break. It took two Smash attacks and a forward aerial to do it and there was some time that passed inbetween the firsg and second Smashes, but later in the match, K. Rool’s super armor ends up taking three forward aerials -each with less time inbetween them than the two Smashes- and his armor ends up not breaking even on the third hit.

I see three things from this:

  1. The armor does in fact recover from damage, and can be used as a tool as long as it isn’t used so often that it’s predictable.
  2. When the Treehouse said three attacks, they meant Smashes, and that the damage to the armor is dependent on the damage of the attack, and attacks dealing less damage with take more hits to break the armor.
  3. Both of the above. The armor would be pretty fragile and break from just a Smash attack and an aerial, but it can recover quickly after a period of not using it.

I’d say the worst possibility is No. 2, but even that isn’t as bad as just taking three measly hits and having it break.

I’m still gonna play him regardless of tier-placing, but it sounds like that there’s no way he’s going to be anything below mid-tier, and I love that. They’re still making sure that power-based characters have a chance in this kind of game.


Pichu is my forever bro, but the whole non-echo, self-damaging self holds it back too fucking much


Well what benefits does Pichu have over Pikachu?


I think Pichu has more powerful attacks, but at the cost of speed.

Also, I’ve been hearing that Pichu’s self-damaging can have some benefits like getting Rage fast, or escaping kill-confirm percentages. Like, it was nothing but a negative before, but with Ultimate’s mechanics, it has some use.


Yeah so bascially someone might have a reason to pick pichu vs pikachu. Ultimate’s been really good about that so far. When we get full details that will hopefully help.

Also the other thing is supposed Pichu has alot of moves with the electric property and I saw F-tilt trip.

Some new videos popping up

KingFoe channel

Some songs I saw that I haven’t seen before

Green Plant from F-Zero
March to Deliverance Fire Emblem
Break Free Mario
Battle Island Kahuna Pokemon
After Burner (∞ Climax Mix) Bayonetta


Pretty sure the After Burner Climax Mix was in Smash for Wii U. I would know because that was the only song I had turned on on that stage before I played a full playthrough of Bayonetta.

But anyway, Break Free in it is awesome.


Oh maybe I just forgot.

Smashboards list of tracks

Two that I really hope to see for Fire Emblem

Shaman in the Dark
The Prince’s Despair


Roy Vs Chrom thread

Has some good info in there.

Okay maybe you were right didn’t think it would cancel a charged Samus shot. I knew the whip would be disjointed just didn’t know it would block a highly damaging projectile.


Not one, but two Smash memes in the same month. Here’s my contribution:


K Rool Analysis


The fucking mad man.


Man I’m so excited to try out all the characters again.

Some of them got really good stuff.

448 spirits so far


That functionality in the second tweet was shown off in his debut trailer…


I don’t recall seeing the win screen in that trailer.


Yeah I don’t think so. It did however show us Luigi’s tether grab.

Going by the Wiki Luigi’s grabs have been buffed for combo potential.

Glad he’ll be a bit more different from Mario.

Dr. Mario also got a bit of differences too. I wonder if he’ll be reasonably viable. Looking at some of Doc’s changes holy cow did he get buffed in Damage which also improves his knockback.

Dr Mario


Jab 8.96% > 9.9% F-Tilt 7.84% > 8.6% U-Tilt 7.056% > 7.8% D-Tilt 7.84% > 8.7%

F-Smash 19.92% > 22% U-Smash 15.68% > 17.3% D-Smash 13.44%>15.24

Nair 8.96% > 9.88% Fair 16.8%>18.6% Bair 13.44% > 14.8% Upair 7.84% > 10.7% Dair 10.96% > 14.8%

Fthrow 8.96% > 9.8% Bthrow 12.32% > 13.6% UpThrow 7.84% > 8.6% Dthrow 5.6% > 6.1%


Vitamins 5.6% > 6.1% Sheet 7.84% > 8.7 % Jump Punch 13.44% > 14.8% Dr. Tornado 8.736% > 15.1%


New Videos

Yes Palutena’s Guidance is back

K Rool Guidance

Overview with the announcer Xander Mobus


Yeah but are Snake’s codecs back too??


My favorite thing is that the Smash announcer also does this wonderful performance:

They should totally make Hat Kid playable.


Don’t know but hopefully Palutena’s Guidance being back is a positive sign.

There’s also the fact Konami is letting them go big on Caslevania.

Then there’s Square Enix who is seemingly blocking everything besides Cloud, the 2 songs, and midgar.