Starcraft Thread!


Well I’m a starcraft addict. I play daily. I play 3rd period at school against a ton of guys, and then I come home and play some more. I’m not the best at the game, but I can hold my own on a fastest map!

Anyone else have starcraft fever here?!


You mean that casual game?


Yes…It’s so very casual…


I don’t play much but I do watch lots of proleague matches and tournaments


Those are amazing. I wish I could play like that. Too bad I’m not korean.


I’ve been playing Starcraft since about 99. I was into it pretty hardcore from about 2000-2003 and got really good, but now I just play it once in a great while via LAN with a few friends.

I’d probably suck now if I played on Blizzard maps, but I’m pretty sure I could still kick the asses of most people on fast money.


I can’t play blizzard maps for crap. Fastest money maps are all I play so I’m only good at them.


Ive never played SC but I plan on buying the battle chest thing this weekend.


I actually have it on my comp now I have been playing to comp in matches to work all the kinks out of my game and Im betting much better… I can rid the map of one opponent now with just 2 groups of marines. I have been looking for a few ppls to play with. I dont fight others I am usually on the same team…or if I am to fight someone else its always 2v2,3v3, or 4v4 never 1v1. Im also hella excited for StarCraft 2


I’m signed up for the beta. I hope I’m in :slight_smile:


yeah I dont know where to sign up other wise i would be to.