Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order


Coming November 15, 2019 starring Cameron Monaghan from Gotham and Shameless.

Honestly didn’t get me super excited. Looks like Force Unleashed basically.


Yeah it looks like Star Wars. Until we see gameplay though its not interesting.


I liked Forced Unleashed but 2 wasn’t great


I pretty much guarantee it is like that. What the hell else can you do that Jedi Outcast and Force Unleashed didn’t do for a singleplayer 3rd person action story game?


I loved Jedi Academy back in the day I wish they would bring something like that back.


Single Player Only
No Multiplayer
No microtransactions
No Lootboxes
Made by Unreal instead of Frostbite

It looks like Force Unleashed, no denying that, but it looks MUCH better.


Anyone interested in this time period, this is a good place to read old canon stories of it. It has Jedi Master Dass Jennir trying to survive and he is great. Jennie looks kind of like Geralt, white long hair. Highly recommended.


How much of that has to do with the Skywalkers? Vader is kind of lame and so is his family.


I think sadly about half is Vader being an asshole and hunting down remaining Jedi. I didn’t like Purge but Darth Vader and the Lost Command was good. I was able to find Vol. 2 on clearance but haven’t read it yet. Vol. 2 is basically all Jennir basically.