Spider-Man: "Do you remember when we were in space? And I got all dusty?"

Sony gonna Sony.

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Eh, Disney is tanking MCU atm so probably a good choice by Spidey Pictures.

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I feel so bad for Tom Holland, what is he gonna do now without a job?? Like he’s gonna be broke, so broke he might have to open an OnlyFans account. Can you imagine?? How horrible.


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I respect them for standing up to Disney. Show em they can’t do whatever the fuck they want.

I am still predicting though a deal will be made, almost certainly.


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Before they were setting up spiderman to be the next Ironman. We will see how that shifts.

I still remember a time when Marvel was just a single multiverse. We couldve had X-Men, Deadpool and Venom in Endgame if it wasn’t for this fucking licensing conundrum.

also Tobey McSpider was kino

I don’t mean with the character, I mean with their money and evil empire clout.

And it is time for Spider-Man to be Spider-Man and I think the Far From Home established that pretty well aside from that stupid stinger at the end.

Well aren’t X-men and Fantastic 4 supposedly coming back later? So right now its mostly just Spiderman and mostly just movies.

Although I do think Sony has a multi game contract that Marvel can’t just break.

Yes because of the Fox merger. Sony really only has Spider-Man properties mainly in terms of super hero license.

Yeah and its pretty much just for movies.

The problem Marvel has is that the Spider man movies are licensed to Sony indefinitely as far as I understand it.

The real problem is they built up Spiderman as a major MCU player.

According to Deadline, Disney wanted to split profits 50/50 but Sony didn’t even counter that.

ROFL did they really expect Sony to agree to that with basically nothing else in return??? Disney is smoking crack

Yeah its pretty crazy.

There’s conspiracy talk that Disney was killing off characters from Star War classic and basically soft rebooting the franchise with the new trilogy just to cut Lucas out of residual contracts.

I’m now curious if Sony was in a similar boat. This time the character being spider-man and the “killing off” being further film collaboration and profits.

Sony and Disney fighting is like a bully punching a nerd it’s not a fair fight. Sony has Spider-Man but most of their other movies are mediocre in box office power were Disney has a movie on average crossing a billion every two months. Disney is drunk on power this is a glimpse into the future.

Too bad Disney can’t just buy out EVERYONE in the entertainment industry…

Sony isn’t the problem here. They had a deal where Disney got money up front from the opening weekend box office. But now that Endgame is the biggest box office pull ever and Far From Home crossed $1 billion, now Disney wants more money, so they want to renegotiate the deal they already made with Sony to get more money on the back end. Again, this is a deal that was already in place and DISNEY has been the aggresser. Sony is well within their rights to say “No.”

Also, a reminder… Marvel wouldn’t have any movies if Fox hadn’t made X-Men for them in the late 90s. After a string of superhero movie bombs in the mid-late 90s, NO ONE wanted to make films based on them and Fox was the only one willing to take a chance after Marvel practically begged them to get a film made, and Avi Arad was the one that got it done.

And before anyone says it… no one ever intended for Blade to be made at Marvel. He was a fourth-tier character that most people had never even heard of prior to the film’s development and less people actually read. Marvel sold the movie rights for something like $40,000 with no expectation that it would ever be made simply because they thought it would be free money When they realized that the film actually WAS moving forward, they had the character written into the second season of the Spider-Man animated series and created Whistler as his sidekick, because he was going to be an original character in the films and they wanted people to familiarize with him ahead of time.

X-Men’s license was owned by Fox outright. Fantastic Four was not through Fox, but through Constantin Films, going back to when Marvel sold off the rights in the late 80s for what would ultimately become the Roger Corman film that never saw the light of day. Constantin’s contract gave them some crazy contingency plan that would extend the rights after to develop FF films following that one, which they used to partner up with Fox. But Fox never owned any FF rights. They licensed shared rights through Constantine.

Spider-Man is even crazier. By the late 90s, several studios claimed the rights to the Spider-Man film going all the way back to the 1970s TV series and went to court because James Cameron still hope to make a movie after Carolco’s collapse. After he moved on to some indie film called “Titanic,” the courts ruled that MGM and Columbia both owned the rights. Sony, parent company to Columbia, traded the rights to Casino Royale to MGM, which had acquired United Artists and the James Bond franchise, who reciprocated by trading their half of Spider-Man to Sony. Spider-Man ended up having the biggest film opening ever at the time and Sony and Marvel renegotiated their contract, which involved Marvel selling Sony something like 20% of Spider-Man directly to Sony. Not the movie rights, but the actual character of Spider-Man. In doing so, Sony’s movie rights to Spider-Man will NEVER LAPSE because they will always have a say in the films no matter what Marvel (Disney) wants to do based on the uniqueness of their contract, and thus, Disney will never own Spider-Man outright unless they buy out Sony.

Also, Marvel wants you to believe some bullshit about how people don’t want to see Hulk standalone films, but the reality is that Universal Studios maintains distribution right to “Hulk” films in many territories and Disney simply does not want to share profits with them. Disney likes money. That’s what they care about. They do not care about you. They do not care about Marvel. They care about the money that Marvel properties will bring them. That’s it.

I’ve said it several times before… people love to whitewash Marvel as this amazing mythical creature that can do no wrong, but if you want to learn the reality of the matter that Marvel was going through in the 90s, how they created the Diamond Comics Distributors monopoly by buying out World Heroes Distribution and running it and the only other competitor into the ground, going through bankruptcy and nearly causing the entire comic book market to crash in the process, check out the book “Comic Wars” by Dan Raviv.

This story ALSO broke yesterday… but because of the Spider-Man story, it got pushed to the back side. Coincidence?


With rumors of AT&T shutting down DC. The comics industry is largely already dead, this would just be more evidence.

Disney like you mentioned doesn’t care about the properties they own, outside of their profitability.

Things are going to continue to get worse and worse until Disney is forced to change course. They’ll either become unprofitable and reboot things to where people like them again and makes the fans happy, which if they do that it’ll only last a very short period of time before back sliding into what we have now. OR they’ll just let them rot and refuse to sell anything off.

I can’t wait to see what shakes loose though and what it means for Iger if the whistle blower has credence.

People need to stop going and seeing mediocre films.

This is what you get for the mentality of “Well, I’m gonna see it anyways”. To put it in perspective:


Why make a good film, when people will see it anyways? What even is a good film anymore? We’re relearning lessons the hard way by creating a generation that hates the product because they finally are forced to learn what’s wrong after being clubbed over the head with it.

Star Wars fans are learning the lesson right now. I think MCU fans will be soon.