Sony Directs ✪ 9/24 OVER

It WILL be.

You guys shouldn’t expect much, it explains Medevil extended look and a new title, “more” won’t be much.

It probably depends on how you feel about MediEvil.

Yeah I am somewhat looking forward to it. Used to play the demo all the time as a kid but I sucked at it lol

Medievil looks dope
they almost had me with Predator


Maybe because they warned us how short this was, and how the first one was like, but I liked this one much more than last time.

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You know,

wouldn’t it be funny

if Final Fantasy VII Remake came out this year?

They had way better stuff. Honestly this one was pretty good because of Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy 7.

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Yeah I agree.


MH with voice acted cutscenes :thinking:

I said remake.

But hey, the PC port of FFVII is on Switch now. I ended up getting it on Switch because I had more gold points than I knew what to do with.

I enjoyed the seeing Monster Hunter Iceborne, the snow looks like it would be fun to run around in. That Riverbound game looks ace!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake looks like it’s being poorly handled internally at Square, sure the cutscenes look good but that combat looks basic AF in terms of real time combat.

Nomura is the only person with a vision left at Square but he’s too busy getting plastic surgery to look younger than focus on his job…

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Nice to see the Monster Hunter DLC and Final Fantasy but the rest I felt nothing for.

I watched the Facebook feed and it had a lot of audio problems.

Yeah. I don’t like the way that looked in terms of combat.

Its also episodic. Why is a remake episodic?

Probably because Final Fantasy VII is a fuck-huge game and it’s impossible to remake it without it being episodic.

all the big PS1 games were also 4 discs. man, what a mess

also Away looks interesting

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The FFVII trailer was awesome!!

New direct but with a twist, it will be live this time!

New format worries me, I don’t need to see a bunch of randos introducing shit, just give me the content.

Just give us trailers and gameplay we don’t need people trying to show us personalities.


I hope they will compromise and just use developers to introduce their games. Sony has never had charming on air talent.

It’s all done in segments but between each one there is that Flute Master guy doing solos