Sony Directs ✪ 9/24 OVER

Umm… it only lasted 20 minutes.

Well, at least we got some more info on MK11.

I like that it’s a simple format that just cuts straight to announcements and doesn’t do anything cringe-worthy like skits or a bunch of personalities trying to sell me on stuff. There wasn’t that much I was interested in except that space station game and No Mans Sky getting VR support.

If this is what the State of Play is going to be like throughout the year, then why I would I want to watch it.

Nothing showed that just couldn’t be released in a press release. Games getting the VR treatment isn’t good enough to make a big hype about. They almost got me in the start because I thought it was going to be Square Enix’s Avengers game, but nope, Iron Man VR. The only part that I liked was the Jax reveal on Mortal Kombat 11, but Neatherrealm announce characters quite often so it didn’t matter.

They needed to show something major to keep you coming back whenever they do this, and they failed.

I think this was a mistake becuase it now shows Sony doesn’t really have anything till PS5.

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I’m sure they are waiting for E3 area.

If they do a State of Play at E3 then that will be the ONLY State of Play I’ll watch.

The idea is sound, Nintendo proved that, but Sony had nothing.

I’d like to watch Nintendo’s first ever direct. It could have been shit too. They’ve never done it before.

Look, it was BAD. But is this one thing really to judge the standards? I think we are too much in a “one strike you’re out” zero tolerance culture honestly.

Well I think Sony does get another chance but honestly they need to bring way better stuff.

As I said right presentation wrong content.

Mario Kart 7
Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
Super Mario 3D World
Resident Evil Revelations
Monster Hunter 3 tri-G


I feel less hyped about PlayStation now after this. Who asked for the Iron Man VR game? I need a name so I can write a strongly worded letter.

All I know is with my backlog, I’m cool with there not being much to play LOL

Well Sony should treat the next state of play like as if it were E3.

If Sony does another State of Play around E3 and its this level they are going to not be looking good.

Especially because I think the other console makers have good stuff coming this E3.

If this is what the E3 show is going to be like, it makes me believe that the last major PS4 titles (Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding) is also coming to PS5.

I mean their announcements need to be E3 levels. Also when they were skipping PSX and E3 I figured it was probably the case these would be PS5. I think the State of Play showing just solidifies it more.

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Sony’s problems IMO is that they just don’t have the first-party support necessary to support something like a Nintendo Direct. Maybe I’m wrong but I think PS All Stars kinda demonstrated that. It might be more fair to compare Sony’s efforts to the third-party-focused Nindie Showcase Directs.

You’re probably right if you add “at this time” in between necessary and support. Throughout its life it has had tons of them, let alone exclusives from 3rd party like the Yakuza series and several Japanese developed games.

I think Sony could show stuff. I mean they have completely nothing coming at all?

Anyone think they will do game specific ones like Nintendo does?

New State of Play 5/9 6:00 EST

10 mins long
Medevil extended look
No PS5 info


I hope it’s not as boring as the first one because that was terrible.

I’m glad they’re keeping at it.

Also 5/9 sticks out in my memory as Nintendo’s E3 2006 keynote day where they blew the doors off the Wii. Good day.