Sony Directs ✪ 12/10 OVER

Not just for the West, Japan will be doing a stream too. And they will do more throughout the year, probably one around E3 time.


PS4 & PS VR We are in the final months!!!


new Ratchet and Clank
new Playstation Smash Bros
new Digimon Sword and Shield?

I do want a new Ratchet & Clank.

And I unironically want a new PlayStation All-Stars. The first one is underrated and people’s criticism of it mentions nothing about the gameplay and only say it’s bad because “it isn’t Smash.” I think “it isn’t Smash” is the only criticism people come up with whenever a new Platform Fighter comes out.

Figured this would happen eventually. Surprised it took this long.

If Sony are smart they’ll be looking into doing a Treehouse live equivalent.

If they want to show how serious they are with this, they need to at least show a new trailer to The Last of Us Part II. It’s been nearly a year since we’ve heard anything about it. I’m not expecting it to be out this year, but ANYTHING would be good.

They tried a few times but there were always embarrassing problems lol. (Vita Heaven)

This looks great though. Nintendo proven to be industry trailblazers once again. :cool:

I knew Nintendo directs and Tree House live were awesome immediately. I’m surprised the other two aren’t going harder on the Tree House live equivalents.

Iwata Asks would have been a thing also if he had more time.

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lol smelling your own farts much?

But really, I’d still rather they all three have a stage show press conference at E3. Directs and shit are fine all year round. Instead they are choosing to gruesomely murder E3 for some reason. I don’t care if it saves money or whatever, it’s part of the game. I guess they want to tip the board.

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Don’t know what Sony will do but with Treehouse live Nintendo does more at E3 than they did when they had press conferences.

It is overrated to me. But I never watch any treehouse aside from anything Easy Allies may view during coverage.

Mostly looking for any info regarding Horizon 2. TLOU 2 release date would also be nice.

Its definitely great when you like the game they are playing on Treehouse live.

I understand. I used to be like that years ago but today when I know I am buying a game I want to see as less of it as possible. I’d just think “Oh this is the part from treehouse, I know what to do!” and that goes for anything, not just treehouse. Any live demos or anything I don’t watch unless I am REALLY on the fence. It’s just a weird personal thing.

Well then I guess Treehouse live is the opposite for you. To me its the best thing at E3.

I’m prob in the weird minority, idk.

Iron Man VR
Five Guys At Freddy’s VR
That’s all I’ve caught so far. I know there’s more that I skipped.

Unless you are into Vr the only interesting thing kind of was Observation.

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I want Concrete Genie.

Format was okay content was lame.


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