Sony contracts Corona

Pro move waiting until the 2nd to do this at least.

I’m now expecting that Ghost of Tsushima to be the next to get delayed.

I’m not expecting anything this year Movies, TV or games. 2020 is canceled

Lame. Why can’t Sony simply whip their employees??? It worked out great in the 1800s and nerds need to be constantly shamed and degraded into submission.



Of course The Last of Us 2 is going to get delayed. They have millons of dollars of free research into making it that much more realistic going on right now.


I like this angle!

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I think this is similar to the situation at DC, who are delaying all their digital sales because they can’t ship physical books right now. Sony doesn’t want to piss off retailers. (Well, again *cough PSP GO cough*)

SIE like “sigh”.

Is this better than SOE like “soy”?

Sony needs better abbreviations.