Some Japanese companies not attending E3 over Swine Flu concerns


Fucking pussies:|


Only proves that the Swine Flu is really the T-Virus.

That’s why Capcom’s not coming; they’re the ones who released it.


Jesus Christ this shit is fucking stupid.


What a bunch of retards. But, lol @ the Kingdom Hearts team not coming.


They can always cure it when they get back.



WTF Dead Rising 2 is not Keiji Inafune’s game it’s Blue Castle. Hell he even said on the Top Secret podcast all his interaction with them has been through fucking video conferencing.

I fail to understand why the bloody people who are actually making the game can’t show it. Unless Inafune is just being a douche.


I think it’s a little of Column A, a little of Column B.


I guess they don’t own enough hazard suits.

Oh well.




You don’t even have the picture…

[SPOILER]Glad to see someone listens to the podcast,though…[/SPOILER]


Swine flu scare is funny.


[quote=“nothere413”]You don’t even have the picture…

Glad to see someone listens to the podcast,though…

I’d actually be in the podcast if Andrex wasn’t so intent on breaking my dreams. :frown; :frowning: