So what games have you been playing lately...


Wrapped up my first Dark Souls run a few days ago. Beat almost all of the bosses (DLC included) and wandered through all but a couple of areas. None of the later bosses were super difficult. Earlier general commentary still holds. I like there being some safer strategies for those of us that aren’t super good at all things, but some encounters (including the final boss) were a little too easily exploitable.

Ran a few rounds of Tetris 99. Seems like something cute to drop in on every now and then.


After around 70 hours, according to Resident Evil Net, I am officially done with Resident Evil 2. Played all the costumes, played all the difficulties, got a S+ rank, got all the trophies and played all the Survivors.

Going to start on the Uncharted Series tomorrow.


I went to the eSports arena a couple of days ago. I didn’t get to play Guilty Gear that day, but they had Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom set up, so I played a couple of arcade playthroughs. People complimented me on how I managed to get enough adapters to get my arcade stick working with the Wii. They also had an NES set up with Super Mario Bros. set up. I decided to play, and there were some kids there watching me. I decided to warp to the end and the kids were praising me after I beat it. It’s nice to see kids appreciate the classics along with the new games, and it made me feel better after the recent events.


Got back to and completed a couple of games on my backlog. My goal is not leave Switch titles uncompleted.

A Case of Distrust was fine. I think I liked the style and presentation more than the rest of it. I was basically at the end without realizing it. I was looking for information to cement a conclusion, not realizing that what I had was good enough. I’m a bit conflicted about the ending. It’s somewhat interesting if you can find it on the cheap.

Grim Fandango Remastered stayed fun and funny. Minimal bumps of assistance needed to wrap up the second half of the game. An enjoyable romp. Definitely worth checking out.

Went through Zelda II for the first time via the NES online thingamajig. Reasonable assistance from guides (for direction) and save states (I no longer have the patience for game overs). After having seen the whole thing, there’s a lot to like, but much of it is buried under technical limitations and some obnoxious design. Maybe was attempted a generation too early. Link’s Awakening is the new and fancy right now, but I’d like to see a proper remaster of this game with a modern touch.


Bioshock Infinite, Overwatch, RE2 and a dash of Sea of Thieves has been my life lately.

I want to play Metro Last Light cause Exodus looks good. I have the two pack but only played the first back when the 2 pack came out.


Replying here cause it won’t let me make 4 consecutive posts in the RE 2 discussion thread. lol

Anyway, beat No Way Out. It wasn’t as difficult as i thought it would be. I first went for a trial run in training mode (70 kills only instead of 100) and beat that easily. I then tried No Training Mode and decided to try and see if i could unlock the infinite weapon and died on zombie #33. lol

But, then i said let’s not worry about unlocking anything yet and beat it without much of a hassle. I guess after getting S+ on Hardcore twice I’ve gotten pretty good at it. In my opinion it is not as difficult as Hardcore since basically the zombies have the same health they do on Standard.

I might even try to unlock the infinite weapon. Even had a run where i died on Zombie #77 when going for this.

It’s all a matter of luck and a bit of trial and error. I will say No Way Out is much better than the other scenarios.


I posted for ya so you can post there now lol

Also, started Metro Last Light and it is pretty awesome so far.


Thew in No Man’s Sky of all things.

The updates are tremendously better than what it was. Sentinels are still stupid but the base building is fun. Exploring is fun.

I started a new game and being a noob is still hard which is good but I look forward to not having to be so limited on cargo room etc… But the base building helps alleviate that some.


I agree. Played it for quite a bit during the NEXT update and every second and every moment felt familiar and new at the same time. For a while I couldn’t put it down until I decided to move on.

It may never look like the trailer they first showed off but like you say it’s tremendously better than before.




“Someone, please end my non-existence suffering!”

Playing Uncharted 3. Playing The Last of Us after Uncharted 4.


Lol, its that damn gen 1 pikachu card!!!

Currently playing
Anthem better than I’d imagine
Crapdown 3 worse than I imagined
Some mobile game called Vikings War of clans …, surprisingly addicting


Now to start the Multiplayer grind. I also have to get 70 gold medals but that shit ain’t hard. I wasn’t trying during the first go around when I was trying to enjoy the story.


Yeah I had a problem with the quest log and had to reload early on as it wasn’t directing me to the warp drive piece needed for the main quest.

I worry about getting more involved in the game because of things like that. I’m still lacking a scientist that I’m hoping will be in the next system I go to.


While I can do without the traps in Tyr’s Temple, God of War is still an incredible game.

Be starting Far Cry 5 soon.


Been playing Witcher Thronebreaker.


Since my friends are playing it, now trying out Apex legends. i currently suck at it


Started DS3 again. Waiting for Sekiro and Outward at the end of the month.


I got Divinity Original Sin 2 and it is incredible so far. I didn’t care for the first one much but this one has a incredibly fleshed out cast of party members introduced quick.

You can create a character or use one of the cast, the ones you don’t pick become party members. The cast has their own reputations, replies and notoriety in the universe.

I chose this guy.


Picked up World of Final Fantasy Maxima on the cheap a few days ago. I’ve been quite entertained so far. It may be the cutest Final Fantasy thing I’ve come across. So many tiny peoples. A good bit of content, as far as I can tell.

Snagged Transistor as well. Looking forward to digging in once I wrap up WoFF.