So what games have you been playing lately...


Playstation is having some good sales on Assassins Creed and stuff. Highly recommend Origins and Odyssey, especially if you haven’t played the series in awhile. I put like 90 hours into Origins and so far 70 some in Odyssey and still going and will surpass. HUGE bang for your bucks.

I plan to for sure get the season pass while it is on sale.


Anthem’s had some kind of anti-hype cycle, I remember the E3 reveal blowing people away, and now it’s like “Wait it’s out this month? And EA expects it to sell how much in 6-8 weeks??”


Still playing Resident Evil 2. I’ll be doing Claire A for the first time tomorrow.

I would LOVE to platinum Resident Evil 2, but Hardcore mode does that BullShit thing by making enemies much more stronger, while it makes you weaker. If it was up to me, Hardcore will be much different and it will actually change the Hardcore mode in positive ways.

No Checkpoints
Ink Ribbons to Save
A couple of lickers in new areas
A few more zombies roaming around
Mr. X walks a half a speed faster
Zombie dogs roaming the station
less item boxes
No first aid spray (herbs still around)
no boards


Does it also give the enemies more health on top of the BS Hardcore stuff? For me I can appreciate a higher hp count and better A.I on higher difficulties. Harder hitting enemies I can let slide but to nerd the player on top of that is crazy. The old DMC games were pretty fair. Even their heaven and hell mode and dante must die modes were fair.


Yep. One bite from a zombie will take you to Danger.

I’m still debating on it and when I do finally do it, I’m not looking forward to it. To make matters worse, I have to do a Leon run and a Claire run.

Keep in mind, the list above is what I would do with Hardcore mode. My version will have the same health and ammo drop from Standard. This just adds more enemies, slightly faster Mr. X and tweak to the mechanics.


I tried Hardcore mode and that is a Big Fat Fucking NOPE from me. You know how you get pounced on by dogs, not the full blown jump attack that bites your neck, I mean the small one that staggers but never takes any of your health? Yeah, that one. One hit from that went from Fine to Danger.

Got to the part where you must find the two electrical pieces to get Ben’s parking pass (playing Leon A).

I can handle the zombies. I can handle the ink ribbons. I can handle the dogs. Hell,Birkin Fight One was doable. But the ONE thing that turned me off completely of Hardcore Mode was the Lickers. I KNEW that they would be a problem. When I got the last medallion, I moved very slow with my shotgun ready to attack it when it entered my crosshairs. In a move, or in a way that was not possible, it leaped from behind me getting me into Danger. I was still closer to the statue.

Fuck Lickers. Fuck Hardcore mode. I’m done with Resident Evil 2 for a bit, until they release that patch that is coming soon.


Yeah I can’t wait! Free too.


The original Poly models are there too.

I very much doubt it, but it would be cool that they did what Resident Evil 3 did. Have rewards that can be used in the main game. It took awhile because I wasn’t great at it, but that was how I always got Infinite Ammo in Resident Evil 3.


Had a weird urge to play Bioshock again so I got the collection. Started with Infinite though because I love it so much and the dlc ties it into the first masterfully.



Now I need to do Claire on Hardcore :sad::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Incredible clear time lol.


Shame I’ll never get an S Rank on Hardcore mode. Beating the game in 2 1/2 hours will grant you Hunk’s MP5 with infinite ammo.



I’m conflicted on Hardcore mode. I love how aggressive the enemies are and how fast Mr. X is. But, I don’t like that one hit takes you to Danger.

The Frugalist (don’t use health) and Minimalist (never open item box) isn’t as bad as it sounds. You can die and the Blue herbs don’t count. Whenever I got hit, I just revert back to the last checkpoint. I did do this on Assisted.


WoFF: not the best pokemon clone, but still plowed through it
Digimon: I owe all the high game time to leaving the game on so my mons can level up at the Farm while i sleep, and work, and forget about it…
NBA: I-I don’t play that. My brother is the sportsman

48.97$ saved. I was expecting it to be much more. I only buy any PS games maybe 3 times a year


Battleship Bay :heart::heart:


I played the amazing Witcher 3 crossover event on Monster Hunter World and it is by far the best crossover yet.



My 25th platinum. The 4th Survivor can go fuck itself.


Considering what I do, taking care of my bedridden grandma, I wish I could pause Monster Hunter World.


Unrelated to gaming but much respect for the caregiving. Most aren’t thanked or celebrated enough.


I agree man, i’ve idled and ran out of time on many occasions because of things suddenly popping up with lil ones and other stuff.